Soups On looking for team players

Ashcroft volunteer group looking for volunteers

Jim Duncan barbecues the weiners donated by the Ashcroft Canada Day committee to the Soups On program. The lunch crowd got hot dogs last week.

By now you know that Soup’s On is in its third year of serving our communities. But do you know about the many different groups of people who put on the luncheons each week?

We have volunteers from the Family and Friends of Extended Care who host a luncheon approximately every two months; the United Steel Workers Union from Highland Valley Copper hosts a luncheon once a year as does the local Masons group. And there are people in our communities who are not connected to any group or organization who have come forward to be part of a team hosting a luncheon. We are very thankful to the various church groups who have so dependably carried out luncheons for the past years – without their assistance the program would not be able to continue.

So a challenge is being offered to your group, union, school or organization.  Are you willing to be part of this valuable community connections program which benefits so many people from our communities? Approximately six people are needed for a complete team – if you cannot gather that many people from your group, your volunteers can be joined with others to make a full team. So call 250 453-2053 to let me know you are interested in taking part.

Did you know that there is a commercial dishwasher on-site for doing dishes quickly and efficiently? And the kitchen is very user-friendly and well-stocked with equipment and essentials needed for each week. Now all that is needed is your interest in participating and before you know it, you will be having fun preparing, serving, eating and enjoying the company of the guests who take part in this great weekly event!!!

All you have to do now is call 250 453-2053 and you and your friends will be experiencing the benefits of helping yourselves and others from your communities.

Martina Baier