Year: 2011

Holiday Train coming to Ashcroft
The CP Holiday Train will be in Ashcroft on Dec. 16, along with entertainers Valdy and Tracey Brown.

Wire Service / December 6, 2011

B.C. a playground for eco-stunts
If the propaganda flowing over “tar sands” crude shipments across B.C. were oil, the province would be out of deficit by now.

Tom Fletcher / December 6, 2011

BC Ferries appoints new president
BC Ferries' board of directors has appointed senior executive Michael Corrigan to replace outgoing CEO David Hahn.

Tom Fletcher / December 6, 2011

Birding isn’t just for the birds
Last chance to try something new in 2011 - join us on the annual Ashcroft Christmas Bird Count on the 23rd.

Wendy Coomber / December 6, 2011

B.C. boomer care study begins
Can the B.C. health care system withstand the retirement of baby boom generation?

Tom Fletcher / December 5, 2011

NDP wants gas drilling rules tightened
NDP critics want to tighten the rules and take a close look at the environmental effects of the newest form of deep drilling.

Tom Fletcher / December 1, 2011

Court system close to collapse
Drug dealers are walking free from clogged courts, while Ottawa gears up for more drug prosecutions.

Tom Fletcher / November 30, 2011