Esther Darlington


Years later, discarded ink bottles still have an eloquent tale to tell

Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from our letter-writing ancestors.


Words of wisdom still ring true

Columnist Esther Darlington MacDonald recalls some long-ago advice that she has never forgotten.

Big city has healthcare, but there’s no place like home

In this week's "Cakewalk Chronicles", a look at healthcare in small towns and the big city.

Tomato cannery kept Ashcroft alive

In the depths of the Depression, tomatoes replaced stagecoaches as town's economic engine.

Cakewalk Chronicles: Ashcroft’s medical state in turmoil

Monthly thoughts and opinions on small town living.

Cariboo criminals in the age of innocence

Stagecoach robbing in simpler times when people still trusted each other.

A trip down Bancroft’s memory lane

If houses could speak, Bancroft Street would have its own series.

Plans in the works to get the Old Opera House up and running

Community news and events from around Ashcroft and area.

People and commerce, coming and going

Cakewalk Chronicles: thoughts and observations about small town life.

Aki Kanamaru

Bringing the world closer together

Aki Kanamaru has shaped much of his adopted Ashcroft's present day community.

Aki Kanamaru
Ed Lehman

The early years on BC’s interior roads

Driving into town used to be a hair-raising, gut-wrenching experience

Ed Lehman

Life’s histories left unwritten – until now

Some different accounts of Walhachin's Fanny Faucault

The small town and old fashioned way of shopping

Shopping and socializing in Ashcroft

Camping as it used to be

Cakewalk Chronicles by Esther Darlington MacDonald

Peace, serenity and a fishing pole

Fishing on the Thompson

Highland Valley Lodge

Highland Valley popular even before the mine

Mary Curnow remembers Highland Valley before the mines came

Highland Valley Lodge

Ashcroft as it used to be – a busy little town

by Esther Darlington MacDonaldIt is pretty hard to imagine today, what Ashcroft…

Tweeting the old fashioned way

The art of bird watching.

Canada’s only train robber, Bill Miner

The Ashcroft Connection.

Cakewalk Chronicles

EgyptSeldom do we see history being played out with the drama of…