16 Mile undertakes costly rezoning for Hall

16 Mile community needs to change zoning of community hall property from Residential to Community.

The Annual General Meeting of the 16 Mile Community Society was held June 4 in the comfort of the meeting room at the Historic Hat Creek Ranch.

The usual business was covered: The Treasurer’s Report showed a healthy bank account due to over $1,600 donated to the Society in memory of Don Spooner who passed away Jan. 20.

There was a great deal of discussion about the problem we are having with rezoning the community lot. The TNRD said it is presently zoned Residential and will have to be rezoned for Community use. This means we have to pay an engineer to check the property and report to Interior Health as to the suitability for water and septic. We are gambling that this large expense will pay off, and allow us to qualify for a government grant to cover the cost of drilling a well. We are presently filling our water trucks for the fire fighting equipment from Arlene Lowe’s irrigation well. We really need to have our own water supply.

Because we are only part way through this maze of Bureaucracy and Red Tape, the current executive agreed to carry on: President Al Midgley, vice president Stan Oakes, secretary Louise Oakes and Treasurer Lesley Joslin. There will be a Director’s meeting as soon as the engineer’s report is complete.

There will be another General Meeting when the mining company, Hunter Dickenson, has news for us on their exploration plans for our area.

Louise Oakes