Connie and Sonny Dougherty celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Cache Creek Community Hall, where they held their wedding reception in 1967.

Connie and Sonny Dougherty celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Cache Creek Community Hall, where they held their wedding reception in 1967.

50th anniversary celebration brings couple back to where they started

Sonny and Connie Dougherty were married in 1967, and 50 years later celebrated in the same venue.

Family and friends of Sonny and Connie Dougherty joined in a fantastic celebration for their Golden 50th wedding anniversary on September 23, 2017.

Their children—Melody and Kieran Van Wagoner and Loni and Jason Horsley—organized a potluck party at the Cache Creek Community Hall, the same venue in which Sonny and Connie had their wedding reception on October 21, 1967. There was great music from Rolling Thunder Revue for an evening of dancing, and so many memories reviewed over the afternoon and evening.

The guests were pleased to support the community, with many staying in local motels, and cakes from the Ashcroft Bakery, deli platters from Ashcroft Safety Mart, and a beautiful afternoon spread from Anie’s in Cache Creek. The family was happy to make contributions to the Ashcroft and District Lion’s Club and the Cache Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Everyone said how they appreciated having fun and gathering together after a stressful and disappointing summer of wildfires in the area.

The hall was decorated with enlargements of photos from Sonny and Connie’s wedding day, and included copies of their original guestbook and scrapbook from their honeymoon in Victoria. An array of photos and the couple’s wedding attire—Sonny’s suit and Connie’s dress—were also on display. The anniversary cherry poundcake was made by the groom’s sister, Pauline Crawford, who also made their 25th anniversary cake, and decorated their original wedding cake (also cherry). A home-made photo booth was enjoyed by all, but especially by all the kids. Guests who were in attendance in 1967 were given a special sticker to wear—“50 Years Ago, I was Here!”—and it was wonderful to see there were so many!

Members of the original wedding party in attendance were maid of honour Linda Lake, cousin of the bride, from Lloydminister, Alberta; bridesmaid Chrissie Gainor, sister of the groom, from Ramona, California; best man Raymond Brulotte, friend of the groom, from Barriere; and groomsman George Dougherty, Sr., brother of the groom. Bridesmaid Geraldine Hensley from California was unable to attend, but was represented by her sisters Jean and Beth from the Lower Mainland, and groomsman Doug Meier, brother of the bride, sent his regrets from elk hunting up north with his son.

Sonny and Connie were so pleased to spend this special day, and the weekend, with their friends and family who travelled from all over B.C. and Alberta, and appreciated the calls, emails, and letters from those who couldn’t attend. Special thanks to their children for organizing the party, and their sisters Kay, Chrissie, and Pauline for their help with the event.

The anniversary couple went on a bucket-list trip to Branson, Missouri, a popular vacation destination due to its collection of entertainment theatres, in October around their real anniversary date, and saw many wonderful shows and attractions.

Editor’s Note: A report about Sonny and Connie’s wedding appeared in The Journal in 1967, and a report on their 25th anniversary was in the paper in 1992. We are pleased to be able to keep up the tradition.

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