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50th anniversary of Royal Purple lodge

Ashcroft Royal Purple Lodge 263 celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Institution of the Lodge on May 7.

A get together was held at the Cache Creek Community Hall with the Ashcroft Elks as the hosts. Mayors from both the Village of Cache Creek and the Village of Ashcroft attended and brought greetings from each Village.

Ladies from North Kamloops, Merrit and Lillooet also attended. Supreme Honoured Royal Lady Linda Nolan sent greetings along with an engraved gavel from Supreme Lodge.

The Ashcroft Elks presented two very nice birthday cakes that they served with tea.

Some of our former members also attended as well as husbands and friends.

Of special interest was the quilt made by formers members a long time ago on which were embroidered each members name.

All in all, we have a very enjoyable time.

Flo Berry