Barron McKay

Barron McKay

A close shave for cancer

Head shave for cancer

Five individuals sacrificed their hair to the cause of fighting cancer at the Head Shaving For Cancer event, held at the Ashcroft Legion on Apr. 15.

Barron McKay collection $1,032, Kathy Franks collected $662 and Steve Clark shaved his head at the last minute for a $10 donation. The $1,704 raised went to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Sharon Reid and David Robinson also had their heads shaved and donated their hair and donations of $969 to the Wigs for Kids group.

Many thanks to Karen Fuglestviet who volunteered her services and did an excellent job shaving everyone.

The Canadian Cancer Society wishes to thank the ‘brave” individuals who had their heads shaved and the Ashcroft Legion for its continued support in helping to find a cure for cancer.

Ina Gory