Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors: Seniors’ donate to tsunami relief

From the March 17 monthly meeting.

by Muriel Scallon

The Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors group has been very busy with carpet bowling and getting plans ready for our tea and craft sale. We have a fine group that has a lot of fun every day at our Centre.

Our bingos provide a reason for a lot of people to get together and laugh and maybe win a pot or two.

In my February report I missed a few names of helpers at some of our events. Bingo callers missed were Barb Shaw and Orest Maksymiw. Sorry about that.

Other helpers in our day to day playing are Barb Shaw (Kitchen), Kevin, Donna, Ines and Stan for getting the carpet ready for bowling. We have a good group and this makes things go a lot more smoothly.

Our general meeting is Sept. 17 at 1 pm. There will be no potluck this month.

Our members would like to give kudos to our Village workers and office staff for the snow removal this winter and also for the neatness of our Village at all times.

We also want to give a bone to all the young users of the arena on Saturdays who take up our parking spaces in front of the Village Office. You are young and can walk a bit farther than some of our seniors with walkers!

Well, enough of the lecture. Spring is in the air, so hope to see everyone out, especially Seniors who are welcome to come and see what we’re about.

Seventeen members attended the March 17 monthly meeting, Minutes were read by Joyce Freeman. Apr. 27 is the date for our trip to Anglemont. Everyone going must be on the list and paid up.

The Financial report was read by Pat Kirby. Committee reports were given: Kitchen by Barb Shaw, Bridge by Pat Kirby. Carpet Bowling is going fine with a lot of our members having a ball on Tuesdays and Fridays. Crafts are getting ready for our bazaar in May. Ines Lopez volunteered to phone members about helping out.

The Hospital report was given by Barb Shaw. All is going well.

The Library is always open for anyone wanting books to read, or to give a small donation to.

We are taking memberships for anyone planning to participate in the Seniors Games this year. Kevin Scallon is our rep for the Games and will answer any enquiries about them.

The Sunshine committee sent out four cards. This month our president, Dorothy Maksymiw was sick at home. She told us: “If I have to miss bridge, I have to be real sick.”

Barb brought to our attention the pot luck at the Ashcroft Community Hall on March 24 to raise money for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. All are welcome. Bring a potluck dish of dinner food, your own plates and flatware, plus a $5 donation that will be sent to the Red Cross.

Thanks was given to Muriel Scallon forĀ  repairing our blinds.

The Centre will be closed on Friday, Apr. 8 while the members are having a Carpet Bowling Tournament at the Cache Creek Community Hall. Visitors are welcome.

Berneice Lumley won the basket at the Clinton Daffodil Tea on March 16.

The membership agrees to donate $200 to the Red Cross for the tragedy in Japan.

Birthdays for March: Bill Drinkwater, Leila Johnson, Jack Kirkpatrick, Ida Makaro and Kevin Scallon.

After a joke from Joyce Freeman, the meeting was adjourned. Tea, coffee and cake was enjoyed by all. The rest of the afternoon was used for cards and friendly conversation.