Ashcroft Community in Bloom members on their Rodeo Parade float: (L-R) Paulette Thille

Ashcroft Community in Bloom members on their Rodeo Parade float: (L-R) Paulette Thille

Ashcroft CiB looking for garden contest entries

The Communities in Bloom committee is looking for local edible gardens to enter into a national contest.

For the eighth year in a row, Scotts will be  sponsoring the Scotts Miracle-Gro Garden Contest for communities who are involved at both the Provincial and National level in the Communities in Bloom competition. There are three categories that communities may enter someone: Best Residential Flower Garden, Best Residential Edible Garden and Best Youth-Run Edible Garden (open to kids 14 and under).

Each community will select an entrant for one or more of the categories within their community. These selections will qualify for entry into the national contest. Last year Ashcroft’s Shila Natha had her residential edible garden entered into the contest and was selected a winner at the national level!

We are requesting some help from the residents of Ashcroft. As we cannot be familiar with all the gardens that are grown in Ashcroft we would appreciate suggestions from the residents. Do you have or do you know someone who has a flower or vegetable garden worthy of entering into the contest? Do you know of any youth who have planted and are tending their own edible garden?

We would like to hear from you. Please give Andrea Walker a call at 250 453 9402 or email As there is a deadline to enter, it is important to submit your suggestions as soon as possible. Communities in Bloom always appreciates input on this and other projects that we are involved in. Communities in Bloom is about making your community bloom in so many ways, please help to make it happen.

Andrea Walker