Ashcroft CiB looking for new members

Ashcroft Communities in Bloom is always looking for new members to help make Ashcroft a better community to live in.

Several members of the Ashcroft Communities in Bloom committee attended the National Symposium and Awards from Oct. 1-3. This year’s symposium was hosted by Kamloops which, because of its proximity, made it possible for several of our members to attend.

The symposium featured workshops and sessions on a variety of topics which relate to bettering your community or making it “bloom”, and technical visits and tours that covered everything from historical preservation and environmental  awareness initiatives to turf management and community involvement.

Ashcroft has been part of the program since 2006, winning Provincial honours in 2008, then moving into the National competition. After several years of hard work, they won the National award in their population category in 2013. Last year the group chose to be evaluated but in a non- competitive category and this year competed in a category called “Class of Champions” which is meant for those communities who have already won the National honour.  As competitors in this class are past winners, the competition is stiff. Ashcroft scored well, but not well enough to win which will just make us try that much harder to improve.

Once the symposium and awards ceremony was completed, each community was given its evaluation report (or report card) from their judges. This is an invaluable tool as it not only breaks down how you have scored in the eight different categories you are judged in, but the judges also offer comments, constructive criticism and suggestions on what needs to be improved upon. We will be sharing this report with the Village and our business community and will work on ways in which we can continue to bring enhancements to our community.

Ashcroft Communities in Bloom committee contributed a beautifully wrapped basket of “Made in Ashcroft” items to the silent auction. We would like to acknowledge the following businesses and individuals who donated for the basket: Rolgear Mfg. (screwdriver), Venables Valley Soap Co., Colin Williams (juniper coasters), Linda Steeves (bath salts), Sandra Nixon (greeting cards), Jo Petty (scarf), Paulette Thille (photograph), Beans Roasted Rite (D. Durksen), and Lomond Honey.

Communities in Bloom is always looking for new members. Contrary to what some believe, you do not need to be a gardener to be a members of Communities in Bloom. The program is not just about flowers, it is about making your community “bloom” in many ways. Who doesn’t want to be proud of the community they live in, where things are neat and tidy and community members are engaged and involved in making it better for all? That is the goal of Communities in Bloom. If you are interested in being a part of this positive committee please give Andrea a call at 250 453-9402.

Andrea Walker