Ashcroft Health Aux is 100 years old

Health Auxiliary started up in 1913 to assist Ashcroft's Lady Minto Hospital.

This year, the Ashcroft & District Health Care Auxiliary is celebrating its centennial!

We started helping the hospital (Lady Minto) in 1913. After 100 years we are still on the job!

Look for our posters in the thrift shop windows and read about some of the interesting things that have happened in each decade. A new poster will be put up each month up to and including October.

In the past year, 49 members have contributed 13,500 volunteer hours.

With moneys raised, we recently donated $3,500 to help the Ashcroft Fire Dept. purchase a photo imaging camera and hope it will help save many lives. It really helps the firefighters find any person who is in a fire. Other groups such as the Legion, Lions and St. Albans also contributed to purchase this camera.

In addition, we sent $7,500 to Elizabeth Fry to help with the many programs in the community. We also donated $3,610 for new or replacement equipment for our hospital and also spent another $1,691 on patient care.

The dollars raised from your generous contributions and support are all put back into our community and donations are sent to help Royal Inland Hospital as many people from our communities use that facility regularly for their health care needs.

Drop by the Thrift Shop any Wednesday or Friday from noon to 4 p.m. and take advantage of our specials and help us celebrate our 100th anniversary.

Marilyn Bueckert