Ashcroft honours its local parks

Take a walk on Sunday, Feb. 20 from 2-4 pm starting at the Ashcroft Community Hall to learn the heritage of Ashcroft parks.

“A Century of Conservation: Parks and Cultural Landscapes” is the theme of this year’s Heritage Week, and Ashcroft’s historical committee has planned a celebration of local parks.

In the early days there were no official parks. So where did the people of Ashcroft/Cache Creek gather and what events brought them together?

Join us Sunday, Feb. 20 from 2-4 pm at the Ashcroft Community Hall to learn the answers to these questions.

Door prizes will be awarded to: the person that can name the date and location of the above photo, and the person who can tell the best story about an outdoor event involving local residents (either off the cuff or with prepared notes).

After a historical slide show and discussion, we plan a stroll from the hall to heritage Place Park on Railway Ave.

Our afternoon will conclude with refreshments and conversation back at the Community Hall.

Kathy Paulos