Thousands of adult cats in BC SPCA shelters are looking for forever homes. Photo: BC SPCA.

Thousands of adult cats in BC SPCA shelters are looking for forever homes. Photo: BC SPCA.

BC SPCA offering special rate for those adopting adult cats

Kittens have an easy time finding forever homes; but adult cats offer many benefits.

Calling all cat people: to accommodate and support large surrenders of cats (30 plus) in remote communities around the province, the BC SPCA is holding a half-price adult cat adoption promotion at nearly all of its branches across B.C. to encourage animal lovers to come and check out the felines in the society’s care.

“We’re hoping this promotion, which offers 50 per cent off the usual adoption fees for all adult cats, will encourage anyone who has been considering cat adoption to take the next step and make it reality,” says Lorie Chortyk, BC SPCA general manager, community relations. “It is important to get the homeless cats who are already in our care into loving homes so that we can isolate and care for the many cats coming in, many of whom will require specialized care.”

There are several benefits to adopting a more mature cat over a kitten, Chortyk notes, as they’re calmer and more settled, litter trained, fully grown, and their personalities are already developed, so potential adopters are more fully aware of what they’re going to get.

“Kittens usually don’t have a problem finding forever homes,” Chortyk says. “But older felines need love, too. There are many adult cats waiting for loving homes: why not come and see if one of them is the ‘purr’-fect match for you?”

The cat adoption promotion is happening at all BC SPCA locations except Penticton, Nelson, and all Vancouver Island branches (other than the BC SPCA Nanaimo Branch, which is offering the promotion as well).

The BC SPCA offers pre-adoption tips for those considering welcoming a furry friend into their home. Things to consider include the time commitment required, the ongoing cost of looking after a pet, and your living accommodations.

Each year, the BC SPCA rescues nearly 15,000 cats and kittens throughout British Columbia. To adopt an adult cat, visit your local BC SPCA branch during business hours, or visit to search for adoptable adult felines.

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