Being fit feels good even for this 70 year old

You're never too old to get into shape and stay that way.

It’s never too late to start on a healthier you. Phyllis Vennard is an example of a woman who has overcome the obstacles to living healthy. It has not been easy, but as she says, she just keeps moving! How does she do it? Here’s what she said:

Phyllis Vennard – 70 years young

Q: What was your motivation to lose weight or get fit?

A: I have diabetes. And rather than take pills, I’d prefer to exercise and that means exercise continually. I have to exercise as long as I can do it. Now I take just one pill and my diabetes in under control.

Q: How often do you exercise and what do you do?

A:  I attend fitness classes three mornings and two evenings each week, When I don’t get all the workouts in, I hike up a mountain and I just keep moving all the time.

Q: How do you motivate yourself to exercise regularly?

A: I want to keep my diabetes under control

Q: What’s your favorite activity to do?

A: Dancing

Q: What is your fitness background?

A: Exercise has been a way of life. For a number of years I played baseball and slow pitch. I wasn’t always able to do everything I would have liked to do, I had two kids and then in my 50s I injured my achilles tendons. For at least six or seven years, I was unable to do what I would have liked to do because of my injuries and then for four years I limped. I went to numerous doctors and then to a sports specialist who helped lead me to healing. I started with walking around town, then did a little more and more and then two years ago began fitness classes. I have to be careful how much I do and how I do it but I have done more these last 2 years. These last two years I have pushed myself to see how much I am capable of doing.

Q: How has being fit affected your life?

A: Wonderful! I get out more. I can do way more. I don’t puff like I used to. Stairs I can do, any kind of stairs and lots of flights of stairs! I’m not up to running up mountains, but some day I might get there! I have a lot more energy.

Q: What would you like to tell others about being fit?

A: Only that it will really change your life, socially, physically and mentally.

Vicky Trill