Ashcroft elementary students take collected food items to the E. Fry food bank.

Can I have a pink and purple skateboard please?

Letters to Santa Claus from Ms. Ellis's Grade 2 class in Ashcroft.

Dear Santa

How are your elves doing? How many do you have?  Can you make a note to yourself? I want 44+44+44  Hot Wheels and the same amount of cars and tow trucks.

From Liam C


Dear Santa

Can you please bring me Little Big Planet Karting and Disney Infinity 3.0 with Inside Out people? I also want one of those Tweety Birds from Toys R Us.

Love Melody

PS. I also want a Bubble Wubble ball. They are really fun.


Dear Santa

Can I have my very own tablet? Please can I have a Furby? I have been very good. My dad wants a new licence and a vehicle.

Love Anna


Dear Santa

Can you please bring me an Air cannon and  Ender Dragon Operation? Do you have a cat? Please bring a blue Wubble. I am 7.

From Roman Was I good a lot?


Dear Santa

I would like to have a dry Bowser for Christmas. Do you like to play Mario Kart? I have been a good boy this year.

From Lane


Dear Santa

Can I please have a toy doll for Christmas?  I love Christmas. Can I have a pink and purple skateboard please?

Love Ann


Dear Santa

Can I please have a Furby because I don’t have one? How are you? Also can I have a Baby Alive doll? Please. I have been good a lot.

Love Brea


Dear Santa

Please give me a Nerf gun for Christmas. Please give my cat a ball. I don’t know what my sister wants. What’s one of your elf’s names?

From Liam W


Dear Santa

I would like the video game Halo 5. Please. And Halo 4 and 3. Please. My family has a cat. My sister wants a Barbie house.

Love Wesley


Dear Santa

I want Hungry Hungry Hippos and a Nerf gun and Lego. I am good sometimes.

Love Karsin


Dear Santa

I would like Holiday Barbie just for decoration please. Also can I have a stuffed reindeer? Am I on the good or bad list?

From Carys


Dear Santa

Please can I have a Super Mario Maker and a Zoomer kitty? Please. Ask Mrs. Claus how the baby is going. I have been a good girl.

Love Nevaeh



can I please have Lego and a Wii U? Please. And a big ball with a little ball inside and Super Mario 2. Please. How are your elves doing?

From Logan


Dear Santa

May I please have a chocolate bar and a mirror and a doll and a candy cane. Why do we not have an elf? I also want a fish and a stop sign. I have too many brothers and sisters to ask for stuff for them.

Love  Miyah

Ps. We need a bigger house


Dear Santa

I would like a tablet and a computer and Disney Infinity 3.0 and Halo 5. I also want Air Hawks Shadow Launcher and some cat treats and a family game. Thank you.

From Trenton


Dear Santa

I have been really good this year. I only got in trouble a couple of times. For Christmas, I would really like toys for my bird and a Furbling. I would enjoy oven mitts to give to my grandma because she lost hers. For my hands, I would like glowing nail polish. I’d really like to know if my elf Snowflake is ok. Please visit soon.

Love Kylie

PS Don’t forget to eat my cookies. I believe in Santa and magic. I really like you Santa


Hi Santa

Can I have a Sew Cool sewing set for Christmas? I know it’s on my list but I really want it. Oh and I’ve been good. And please can I have a hair and body salon? Does Jeck come back to the north pole? Jack is my elf.  Can you please bring my dad a new furnace?

From Madison


Dear Santa

May I please have an iPad and I was wondering if my elf was good? You are the best Santa. What do you do on the weekends? Please can I have a toy for my cat and my mom and dad?

From Mary-Grace


Dear Santa

How is Twinkle doing? I would like a Mia and Me toy and a crystal series Furby. But can I still tell you at the mall in Kamloops? Merry Christmas Santa! We all love you!

From Peyton


Dear Santa

Can I please have an Air cannon and a classic Etch-a-sketch, a blue Wubble and boxing robots set, Zoomer Chompling and Ultimate night vision glasses, Megablocks, Halo 5. I am Adrian and I am 7. I am very good and can I have an elf named Thunder?

Love Adrian

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