Ms. Marlow’s Grade 1 class from AES planting sunflower seeds provided by CIB

Ms. Marlow’s Grade 1 class from AES planting sunflower seeds provided by CIB

CiB sowing seeds of success

It’s been a very busy two weeks for the Ashcroft Communities in Bloom members.  On Saturday, May 14, a very energetic crew were busy in the downtown area topping up soil in the barrels and replacing old barrels with new.

With the barrels ready to plant, the local firefighters once again helped out by watering them during their regular Tuesday night fire practice. Both CIB members and local community volunteers planted over 60 barrels as well as the planters around the historic firehall on May 18. Now we are hoping for some non-liquid sunshine to help everything grow!!

Have you had a chance to walk through Heritage Park lately? The garden bed at the south end of the park is vibrant this Spring with tulips, daffodils and narcissus, planted last Fall by Communities in Bloom members. Village of Ashcroft workers have begun to replace all the memorial plaques in Heritage Place Park. Both the plaques and the storyboards that CIB had fabricated last year will add yet another compliment to the park.

Don’t forget to sign up for the “Make a Banner” workshop to be held June 8 and 9. Sign up is on a first come first served basis – pair up with a youth (child, grandchild, neighbor) and make a colorful banner for Railway Ave. The sign up sheet is at the Ashcroft Bakery.

Ms. Marlow’s Grade 1’s were busy on May 24 when a representative from Ashcroft Communities in Bloom group brought sunflower seeds for the children to plant.

All 17 children planted these seeds in their own space in their “sunflower garden.” They will watch the seeds grow and when they return from summer vacation the flowers will be in full bloom.

CIB has a number of exciting projects in the community planned for this year.  Stay tuned for more information to come.

Andrea Walker