A spaghetti fundraiser dinner raised more than $500 for the Clinton Museum. (Photo credit: Ramona Holota)

A spaghetti fundraiser dinner raised more than $500 for the Clinton Museum. (Photo credit: Ramona Holota)

Clinton Museum spaghetti fundraiser dinner for Food Bank was a big success

Diners provided the entertainment with a spirited quiz session

By Ramona Holota

Hi everyone! Snow is on its way, and soon we will be skiing.

Wow; our spaghetti dinner was a real blow-out, and we raised more than $500 for the Clinton Food Bank. All food donations went to our local food bank here in Clinton.

We were all impressed by the kindliness and goodwill of our guests. Lots of visiting took place, and people were not in a hurry to leave. We were glad to see the Villa renovation work crew attend, which suggests that our advertising on Facebook and the Village sign was effective.

I loved the little boy who came up at the end of dinner wanting more noodles only, and we got two young ones asking for dessert so nicely: they got an extra strawberry and whipped cream. They felt safe, and were not shy about asking.

Our preliminary count is that we fed about 90 people, and plenty of door prizes were handed out. Edith quizzed the crowd with historical questions that had multiple answers we hadn’t considered, but the guests had. For example, what longtime museum member wrote a book? The answer was Mike Brundage, but Avis Choate also wrote a small booklet about Clinton history.

I’m not sure that the diners understood they were the entertainment, but they wholeheartedly participated in our little quiz, and groups chatted up the possible right answers, picked up when we in fact had wrong answers to our own questions, and lent a helping hand when we needed just a bit more assistance. We all loved the collective brains and knowledge that came out through the quiz. So cheers for our entertaining diners!

Our kitchen workers were amazing, going full out all evening, and there looked to be just the right amount of everything: toast, spaghetti, salad, dessert, and coffee. Way to go, Janice, Peter, and all!


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