Complaint leads Lytton RCMP to a bounty of stolen potato chips

Complaint leads Lytton RCMP to a bounty of stolen potato chips

‘The Lytton RCMP does not support a diet of potato chips. They are a snack.’

By Sgt. Curtis Davis

Lytton RCMP responded to 55 calls for service between June 11 and July 2, including 15 traffic-related calls.

Chips ahoy

On June 17 we received a statement from the victim of repeated assaults over a number of years, and a suspect from the Westside was arrested. Further information was obtained that allowed us to draft a search warrant for the home.

With the assistance of all of the Lytton officers and one from Lillooet, the search was conducted into the evening. Many people saw our quads on the Westside shuttling cases of potato chips from the house and across the CN footbridge. We found property related to a vehicle theft in Ashcroft and a robbery in Langley, and our investigation is ongoing with our partners in both of those locations.

The Lytton RCMP does not support a diet of potato chips. They are a snack.

Stolen shingles

On June 18 we received a complaint of a theft of construction supplies. Suspects stole three bundles of shingles from a home near the Lytton First Nation Band Office. Perhaps someone thought they were waste. The homeowner would appreciate having them returned.

Labour unrest

On July 25 we responded to a disturbance at a house on Loring Way. An unwanted labourer from Salmon Arm had become intoxicated while working on the property and was causing problems. He was arrested and held in cells until a friend arrived to pick him up. Hours later, when the friend arrived, he again caused a disturbance and the vehicle left him.

Have you lost a boat?

On June 26 we responded to an overturned boat floating down the Thompson, which was hung up on rocks near the Goldpan Provincial Campground. Some motorists assisted us and we brought our quads with winches to secure the boat. We have been in contact with both Ashcroft and Kamloops, but we have not heard of a lost boat.

Assault in progress

On June 28, while out for my evening walk (plain-clothes patrol?) around town, I heard an argument from a nearby home. As I got closer, I could actually hear an assault taking place inside. I called the on-duty constable and we de-escalated the situation. Although the victim did not want anything done and emphasized to the abuser they did not call police, the matter will be forwarded to the Crown Prosecutor’s Office for charge evaluation.

Canada Day complaint

In the wee hours of July 1, we received a complaint of a fight at a home at Nicomen with the threat of a firearm. When we arrived, things had settled somewhat. One person was taken to cells and released once sober. The family was very supportive and will work together to assist their family member.

Back into custody

lso on July 1, late at night, we received a call of an assault that was witnessed over a video chat. Further information directed us to a house on St. George’s at Lytton. We found the suspect sneaking out of a back door, and it was unfortunate that they had only recently been released from custody. He was held in cells for a hearing with a Justice of the Peace.

If you have information about any Lytton police files or crimes, you can call the detachment at (250) 455-2225. If you wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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