Concert Series offers The Nautical Miles

The Nautical Miles kicks off WRAPS' Spring concert series on Jan. 15.

Fresh from their successful presentation of My Fair Lady in November, the Winding Rivers Arts & Performance Society (WRAPS) is excited to be moving on to its next event: its Winter/Spring 2016 concert series. It begins with a bang on Friday, Jan. 15 at 7pm, when Vancouver-based folk-rock band The Nautical Miles comes to the area.

Members of WRAPS were able to see the group perform at last year’s Pacific Contact event in Vancouver, and were blown away by their mix of hold-your-breath ballads and electrifying showstoppers. The group – which will feature seven musicians at the concert – has roots in folk, rock, and music, but is equally at home performing with jazz musicians, bluegrass bands, and brass quintets. Audiences never know what’s coming next when The Nautical Miles come to town.

The Georgia Straight newspaper called The Nautical Miles’s sound “a new kind of folk music”, and the group has performed at festivals and venues around the world. They have three CDs to their name, all featuring original music; the most recent, 2013’s Ode to Joy, contains 12 songs that “poured out” of songwriter and guitarist Corbin Murdoch, who notes that he “just wants to embrace music that makes people feel good”.

Although the Winter/Spring Concert Series is normally held in Ashcroft, this concert will take place at the Crossroads Pentecostal Church on Stage Rd. in Cache Creek. One of WRAPS’s mandates is to bring the arts to the area, and they hope that staging this event in Cache Creek will enable more people to attend.

Tickets are 25 per cent off if you buy them in advance, and are available at UniTea, Nature’s Gifts, Ashcroft Bakery, and the Jade Shop. They can also be purchased online at the WRAPS website at .

Barbara Roden