Daylilies bring Ashcroft CiB and Desert Hills together

Ashcroft Communities in Bloom and Desert Hills Ranch are working to spread the daylily love across Ashcroft.

Daylilies are already a popular flower in Ashcroft yards and gardens.

Daylilies are already a popular flower in Ashcroft yards and gardens.

As many locals may already know, the daylily is Ashcroft’s official flower. Daylilies are not the lilies grown from bulbs as many often mistake them for; rather, they are rugged, adaptable and vigorous perennials that endure for many years with little or no care.

Daylilies come in many varieties and have beautiful flowers in a huge variety of colours. They have lush green foliage and many varieties are rebloomers meaning that they will bloom a second time later in the growing season. They produce blooms for a long growing period including during the heat of the summer, making them a perfect fit for the semi-arid climate of Ashcroft.

Ashcroft Communities in Bloom has partnered with Desert Hills Ranch this growing season for a daylily project. A highly visible location has been chosen at the north entrance of Heritage Park for a daylily garden. Not only will the new garden area add interesting textures and colour to Heritage Park, but it will also be a wonderful showcase for our official flower.

Communities in Bloom presented the idea to Desert Hills last Fall and a partnership was formed, with Desert Hills offering to grow several varieties of daylilies for the project. True to reputation, Desert Hills have grown some beautiful daylily plants and are presenting them in brightly coloured pots. Communities in Bloom have received the daylilies required for the Heritage Park project but they will not be the only ones to benefit as there are many more for sale at the Desert Hills garden shop.

If you are looking for a long lasting, showy and easy to grow perennial for your yard don’t wait to pick yours up as they won’t last long.

Communities in Bloom sends a big thank you to Desert Hills for their participation in this community project.

Andrea Walker