Dear Santa: I hope my sister isn’t on the naughty list

Santa Letters from Miss Ellis' Kindergarten/Grade 1 Class, Cache Creek Elementary School.

Dear Santa,

Are you busy with your elves packing the sleigh with presents? I am looking forward to Christmas.  I’m going to have dinner with my family this year. I would like a new Skylanders Giants game for Christmas.  I like them because they are fun to play with. I have helped decorate my house.  We have a Christmas tree with lights around it. I hope you like my tree when you come.

Love, Kaidence

Dear Santa,

Do you have real magic? How do you fly with your reindeer? How are your elves?

Santa, I would like a pink bicycle and a pink makeup kit for Christmas. I don’t have a bicycle or a makeup kit.  At Christmas time, I make snowballs with everyone in my family. I hope I can see you at the Santa parade.

Love, Eliza

Dear Santa,

How are you? How are the elves doing? What toys are you getting ready?

I would like a Barbie doll that moves when I clap for Christmas. I really like Barbie dolls. I have been helpful at school. I really like going to the Santa parade in Aschcroft. I hope I see you there.

Love, Eva

Dear Santa,

I saw you standing on the back of a truck. Are you packing your sleigh?

I would like a Spiderman for Christmas. Spiderman is my favorite superhero because he can fight bad guys.

I’m going to decorate my tree on Friday. I hope you like it when you come.

Love, Robbie

Dear Santa,

I saw you a long time ago when I was five. I woke up and I heard “Ho, Ho, Ho” and when I looked I wondered what was there and you disappeared. I was going to get my mom’s camera but you disappeared.

I hope you bring me 1,000 toys and put lots of candy in my stocking. Most of all I want you to bring my dad for Christmas. I hope your elves are working hard at making toys for you to bring to all the kids in the world.

Love, Lyric

Dear Santa,

I like you. At my house we are going to put eating candy canes on my tree. You can have a candy cane when you come. Last year my mom wished for an elf and he made little paper airplanes at my house. We liked the elf very much.

I hope you bring lots of presents to my house. Most of all I want Lego Batman because you can change the guys.  This year I have been playing nicely with my sister Skylar. You are the best.  Merry Christmas.

Love, Kaden

Dear Santa,

I like all the toys that you bring.  How are the elves doing? I wonder if the elves come with you when you give out presents because I think you need help on Christmas Eve.

Santa, I want a new remote control toy dinosaur for Christmas because I like dinosaurs and I really want that dinosaur to be a T-Rex. I have been playing with my baby sister really well.  Her name is Ava. I hope you can bring a toy for my baby sister too. She really likes dolls. Make sure you bring her a little doll because she is a really little baby.

I hope to see you at the Ashcroft parade. This time I really hope you are at the front.

Love, Johnny

Dear Santa,

I love you. Sometimes we go to my grandma and grandpa’s for Christmas but this year we will be at home. I help my mom decorate the Christmas tree.  I hope you like it. I am going to leave you chocolate chip cookies and milk on the table. Please eat it because you are busy at Christmas.

I want a Barbie doll for Christmas because I like playing Barbies. I always help my teachers and I help my mom do dishes.

I like going to the Santa parade in Ashcroft. I hope to see you there.

Love, Emma

Dear Santa,

How are your elves doing? Are they doing a good job making toys? Are you busy at your workshop? I really like the toys that you got for me last year.  I got a doll. My sister and I saw a movie with you in it. I went to the Santa parade last year and I saw you there. I was walking with my mom and I had a big sucker. I had my picture taken with you. I hope I can see you at my house this year.

I wish I could have a new bike with a Barbie on it and a Rapunzel doll. I have been good every day. I helped my mom when she had surgery. I also learned my ABCs at school.

I’m going to leave you cookies and milk when you come. I hope you like them. I hope my sister isn’t on the naughty list.

Love, Shelby

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the video message.  I am happy that the elves are busy making my toys. Are your reindeer eating a lot for pulling your sleigh?

We are going to decorate my house for Christmas after my sister’s birthday party on Saturday. I am going to ask my dad if we are going to chop down a tree.

I want new blankets and boy pillows. I also want toy trucks that people work in for Christmas. I have been good this year. I have been playing nicely with my brother.

I saw you at the Santa parade where my grandma and grandpa live and I sat on your lap to get my picture taken and then I got a candy cane.

Love, Tanner

Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer? At my house we hang stockings. There is a snowman and a cowboy on my stocking. I want a dinosaur toy for Christmas.  I hope it is a T-Rex.

At Christmas time I play outside. I make snowmen with my sister. I hope you see my snowman when you come.

Love, Nathan

Dear Santa,

I like your toys because they are really awesome. How do your elves make them?

We are going to put presents under the Christmas tree. My mom and I put food and hot chocolate out for you. I hope you like it. I saw you at the community hall. You said “ho, ho, ho”.

I want a really cool toy for Christmas. I like hot wheels with a loop de loop. I have been good for my dad. I have listened to my dad.

I hope I’ll see you soon.

Love, Jeremy

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas Santa! I want to go to your house and eat chocolate chip cookies. Do you have good cookies at your house? Do you have ice cream at your house? I like ice cream. Please bring chocolate chip cookies and ice cream to my house.

I want some Lego and a computer for Christmas. Lego is fun. Santa, do you make race cars?

I’m going to leave you Chinese food and chicken wings. Santa, do you like Chinese food? Santa, do you like chicken wings?

Love, Darren

Dear Santa,

How is it at your workshop? Are you busy at your workshop? How are your elves? We have a Christmas tree at our house. It is a white Christmas tree. I decorated it with my sister last night.

I saw you at the art fair in Cache Creek. I like you.  I told you that I wanted Pokeman and Yugio cards. I have been super, super good this year.  I listen to my mom and dad.

Love, Henry