‘Dear Santa: My Mom would like, you know, Mom stuff, like a new computer’

‘Dear Santa: My Mom would like, you know, Mom stuff, like a new computer’

Letters to Santa from Megan Marlow’s Grade K/1 class at DSCS.

Letters to Santa from Megan Marlow’s Desert Sands Community School Grade K/1 class.

Dear Santa: How are you doing in the North Pole? Please bring lots of food for the hungry people. Could I please have a Cat Noir doll for Christmas? Please bring Peyton a miraculous lady bug doll. Merry Christmas!

Love, Avery

Merry Christmas Santa! I’m wondering what it’s like at the North Pole. Please bring a blanket, and a pillow and a bed to someone who needs one. Could you please bring me a tow truck? Please bring a picture of a tow truck to my family. I love you Santa.

From Bran

Merry Christmas Santa! I am wondering what you are doing now that it is almost Christmas. Do you have a computer, Santa? Is Mrs. Claus baking cookies? Please bring a blanket to someone who is cold. I’ve been dying to get an American Doll set. Could you please bring me one Santa? My sister Lacey would like a new Baby Einstein movie.

From Brooklyn

Hi Santa: What are you doing right now Santa? Is Rudolph there with you and is he real? Please bring money to people who were in the fire. Please bring me Num Noms. Please bring my sister a new Journey doll. See you soon Santa. I’ve got some food, some carrots, ready for the reindeer. Merry Christmas.

From Carly

Hi Santa! Are you busy making toys? What is Rudolph doing? Please bring a blanket and a pillow for someone who doesn’t have a home. Please bring a giant Nerf gun with black and orange on it for me. I would also like a green punching bag and some boxing gloves. Please bring my Mom some new slippers. My sister would like a Barbie but she doesn’t really need one because she has a whole bin full. I think she needs a makeup set. I’ll leave some Oreo cookies for you. Bye.

From Carson

Dear Santa: Are you making toys Santa? Is Rudolph excited? Please bring me a Paw Patrol book and an air patroller helicopter. Merry Christmas!

Love, Cyrus

Merry Christmas Santa! Have you got lots of snow up there? Are you making toys right now? Santa could you please bring a toy monster truck to a kid who needs one. I would like a big remote control dirt bike. Please bring a Go Pro to our family. I will see you on the first day of Christmas!

Love from Damon

Dear Santa: I love you. How do you make all the presents in one day? Please bring me a twin Hatchimal. Please bring a home and a bed for people who need them. Please bring my cat Bageera a toy bird that wobbles around. Please bring Manson some salmon.

Love from Danyka

Hi Santa: Merry Christmas. I hope you have a good Christmas night and day. I’m wondering why the reindeer are magic and how they can fly. Please bring some toys to the kids whose house burnt down. I would like a Paw Patrol toy for Christmas.

Love, Grace

Hi Santa: I hope you’re good today and I’m leaving you a present, a Ninja turtle. Please bring me Destiny Bounty. I want Master Woo and the fire Ninja Lego. Please bring Ninja Lego sets to other kids who need toys.

Love, Jack

Hi Santa: I love you. What do you like to eat Santa? Do you like to eat turkey? Do the reindeers eat hot dogs? Please bring the people who need stuff blankets they can cuddle up in and some food. Please bring me a Power Ranger set. Merry Christmas!

Love, Max

Dear Santa: Hi! What is Mrs. Claus up to? Do you have a dog? Do you have a cat? Please bring books and toys for the kids who need them. Also bring new houses to people. Please bring my family reindeer headbands. My favourite things are unicorns. Please bring me a Barbie with different coloured hair. Bye!

Love, Michaela

Hi Santa: What is Mrs. Claus baking? Please bring warm coats to kids who need them. I would like a Spiderman homecoming costume for Christmas, like everything—the boots, the gloves, the mask and the shirt and the pants.

Love, Nathan

Good morning Santa! How many elves do you have and how many presents did you make? Please bring a doll and a big Hatchimal to some girl who needs it. Please bring a baby doll and Hatchimal for me. Please bring some toys for my cousins too. Merry Christmas Santa.

Love, Piper

Hi Santa: How are your reindeer doing? Do you have any girl reindeer? I’m going to give you a present too—a Christmas belt. Please give food and clothes to my Auntie. I wish for purple and pink lipstick and a Christmas purse please. There’s a slide on unicorn I’d like. Please bring my Mom a picture that I made for her and my Dad wishes for a wonderful day. Please bring my brother a toy dirt bike and for Remi gum and grape gum for me too. Bring Remi a jingle bell toy too please.

Love, River

Good morning Santa: I’m wondering why you don’t have any dogs. How do you make those toys? Please bring some remote control toys for other kids who need them. Could you please bring me a remote control garbage truck or remote control dump truck? My Dad would like a remote control garbage truck too and a remote control unicorn for Elly. My Mom would like, you know, Mom stuff, like a new computer.

From Ryan

Hi Santa: Do you have a family Santa? Do you have any pets? Please bring pillows and blankets and warm coats to the people who don’t have anything. Santa could you please bring me a Zoomer kitty and a Hatchimal and Hatchimal surprises. Please bring my sister a computer and a PC for my big brother. I love you Santa. Please make sure that your reindeer don’t crash.

Love, Shelby

Hi Santa: Do you have any pets? Do you have any family? Please bring a Thomas space truck pack to some kids who need toys. I’d really like a Thomas and Friends High Sky Bridge Jump. Please bring a pan to make grilled cheese for my family. Please bring some ponies for my little sister and a job for my big sister. Please bring Mom and Dad a box of coffee beans to make coffee with.

From Will