Jordi Flaherty (CiB)

Jordi Flaherty (CiB)

Desert Hills receives Best Bloomin’ Business Award

Ashcroft Communities in Bloom presented the annual business award, sponsored by the Chamber.

The recipient of Ashcroft’s Best Bloomin Business Award for 2012 is Desert Hills Ranch. Sponsored by the Ashcroft Chamber of Commerce and chosen and presented by Communities in Bloom, the award takes into consideration use of color, curb appeal, improvements and cleanliness.

Desert Hills Ranch was the unanimous choice this year and we all wonder how they will outdo themselves after the show they put on this year. This business has evolved from a family farm to a “go to” destination. The climbing goats are a huge hit with the children who can’t get out of the car fast enough to head over and see them. Sights and scents of jewel-colored annuals filling the greenhouse in the spring make way for the opening of the “wagon” in the summer. But, no matter what the season, this business keeps drawing people back.

Although this hard working family continues to build their business, they are generous contributors to the community and they continue to impress everyone with their innovative ideas and decorations.  This year’s addition of the pumpkin cannon was a huge hit (no pun intended), the haunted house with its cobwebs and spooky sounds drew the curious and the wagons full of giggling children on their way to the to the pumpkin patch made everyone smile. But it was the display of pumpkins that took your breath away as you rounded the last corner to the farm. Glorious orange pumpkins of all sizes and shapes lined the road, covered haybales and nestled beside cornstalks. Breathtaking may sound like a cliché, but that is what it was!

So, congratulations to the Porter Family at Desert Hills Ranch for a well deserved award.

Andrea Walker