Discovering Creation’s Creator lecture series this week

Local Seventh Day Adventist church invite Terry McComb to speak on Nature and Creation.

The Ashcroft 7th Day Adventist Church has sponsored several events over the years such as the monthly Veggie Night Socials and concerts with the Fountainview Academy Youth Group. These have been well received and enjoyed by the community.

This time we have invited a retired pastor, artist and naturalist Terry McComb to speak on Nature and Creation. Terry has authored several books on nature for the children that teach positive values and spiritual lessons. He accompanies his talks with drawing pictures using the black light effects. He will display real fossil bones and fossils.

His talks begins on Friday, Apr. 11 at 6:30 pm in the Ashcroft Community Hall (SDA door entry), and continues with two slots Saturday morning from 10 am – 12:30 pm followed by potluck meal to which all participants are invited. At 2:30 pm there are two more topics. Topics include: Evolution vs Creation plus Dinosaurs; The Cross of Christ as Found in Nature, In His Image, Wonder of Human Body and Noah and the Flood.

Our invitation goes to all interested in nature and the lessons it teaches and the wonders of creation that are so amazing.

Pastor Karel Samek

Ashcroft Seventh Day Adventist