Fewer taxes from BC Conservatives

Fraser Nicola's Conservative candidate, Michael Beauclair, says small business, healthcare, education and seniors are his priorities.

Michael Beauclair

Michael Beauclair

Michael Beauclair,  Conservative candidate for Fraser-Nicola, currently lives in Merritt with his wife and two teenaged children.

A log-scaler by profession, Michael  studied at B.C.I.T. and  currently works with Tolko Industries and owns his own company, Nikaia Creek Contracting.

Beauclair is passionate about British Columbia’s future, not only in the Forestry industry and specifically, value-added products but also in the areas of small business and entrepreneurship. Improvement in healthcare and education, as well as support for seniors, is high on his list of priorities.

Highlights from the B.C. Conservatives’ Budget and Fiscal Framework include: Repeal of the Carbon Tax that penalizes the primary industries and residents of the B.C. Interior; Stop bleeding money from B.C. Hydro and using power rates as a stealth tax on residents and business; Make B.C. a more attractive place to build primary industries:  mining, forestry, agriculture; and Ban corporate and union donations to political parties because it makes them beholden to those who pay their bills!