Bridge is on offer at the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors’ Centre every Monday. Photo: Daniel Clark.

Bridge is on offer at the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors’ Centre every Monday. Photo: Daniel Clark.

From the Centre: Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors

The Centre will be closed over the holiday season, with events resuming on Jan. 2.

By Joyce West

The first business meeting of the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors at the new/old time of the third Thursday of the month was held on Nov. 15.

We had a lower turnout than we had hoped for—12 members attended—and we hope that was because the day of the meeting seemed to come around so quickly.

All the usual business was dealt with to our satisfaction and some upcoming events were arranged.

Our Christmas Lunch will be held on Thursday, Dec. 13 at the Ashcroft Legion. Doors will be open at 11.30 a.m., and lunch will be served at noon.

All members and their spouses are welcome to attend at a cost of $16 per person. Please let us know if you will be there by signing up on the list at the Centre, and you can also pay ahead of time.

The Centre will close on on Dec. 21 for the festive season, and will reopen on Tuesday, Jan. 2. For that week only, Bridge will be on Wednesday instead of Monday. Our routines will change slightly because of the business meeting time, and the new routine will be as follows:

Monday afternoon: Bridge

Tuesday (open from 10 a.m.): Cards, puzzles, etc.

Wednesday: Men’s games

Thursday: Closed except for business meeting

Friday: Carpet bowling from noon, followed by cards, etc.

Saturday: Bingo (open to the public)

Sundays: Closed

The other day, some of us were sitting around talking—as we do—and we got around to discussing life in Ashcroft and Cache Creek. Almost all of us are “incomers” of various numbers of years, and we all seem to be very contented to be here. Options—because of care accommodations and health care—would include moving to larger centres and perhaps being less mobile outside our home bases. Here we can get to all our various clubs and activities by walking, which—as a bonus—keeps us healthy.

So what can Ashcroft do for us? Some things spring to mind immediately: more accommodations like Thompson View Manor (but downtown, if possible!), and perhaps even more pressing, the return of our hospital to its original status. A pipe dream, I know!

We often hear of “the magic hour” in treatment of many conditions, and while we get excellent response from our ambulance service, it still takes a further hour or more to access a fully operating hospital.

More housing for seniors would free up our current properties to house Inland Terminal staff and others, which in turn would encourage this area to return to its former position re: shopping, trades, schools, and general prosperity. That is a real pipe dream, I know, but sometimes dreams do come true, and maybe if we dream hard enough, these dreams of ours will, too.

Have a great Christmas season, everyone. We’ll be back in January!

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