From the Centre: Ashcroft seniors miss two familiar faces

Activities at the Seniors' Centre have started up again following the Christmas break.

There is an old saying to the effect that “You never think about the water till the well runs dry.” That was never truer than at our monthly meeting on January 19, when only six of our members were present. While we missed all the absentees, two especially stood out: Nola and Kathy.

Nola has moved to Abbotsford with her husband for health reasons and in order to be closer to her family. While she was here she worked tirelessly for us, mostly behind the scenes, and always with a smile and a joke. Her laughter at the card table was so infectious and captivating that she had us all in stitches. Good luck and better health in your new home, Nola, and all the best in the future.

Kathy has not left us, but she has been quite ill with the current bug, and then she had a fall that left her badly bruised, so she has not been at the centre recently. Take care, Kathy; we are all pulling for you, and hope to see you back soon, bustling around, helping with everything, and always with a broad smile.

Even though the numbers at the January meeting were small, all the reports were made and accepted. All the different groups have started up again after the Christmas break and are progressing quite well, and our finances are in the black. This is good, because our rent has increased and is likely to do so every year for the next four or five. Rising costs affect everyone everywhere!

A reminder that the centre offers carpet bowling, bridge, card games, and more each week. Feel free to drop by and check out the activities, or visit the shop across the hall, which features many handmade gifts as well as clothing, books, and other items.

We had a surprise visit from Jackie Tegart, who talked casually with us around the lunch table about her job, what a learning experience it has been, and how much she enjoys being able to help people in our area. She also encouraged us to approach her if we had any problems she might help with. Good to have your company, Jackie; come again!

At this time of year we look back at what has been, and forward to what is to come. Looking at some old photographs and reminiscing took me back to the Far East, where we had visited many Buddhist temples. In at least one, there were framed copies of Buddha’s words of wisdom exhibited on the walls, and we photographed some of them. I would like to share part of this collection with you, as it seems quite appropriate for this resolution-making time of year, and these are so simple and yet so thought-provoking.

Our value depends not on how long we live, but on how much we contribute.

As the past has faded into misty memories, and the future remains a dream unrealized, seizing the present is most important.

A positive life pivots on modesty: the bigger the ego, the greater the insecurity.

The noble pursue the path, the average pursue their duties, and the misguided pursue fame and fortune.

While worry fuels unnecessary torment, carefulness breeds security.

Wealth is like running water, and giving like digging a well. Just as the deeper the well, the more water it holds, the more you give, the more wealth you have.

As long as we still have breath, we have boundless hope, and the breath we have is the greatest wealth.

All the best of health, wealth, and happiness to our friends, family, and acquaintances in 2017 from the Seniors’ Centre.