From the Centre – Seniors celebrate 80-plus at luncheon

Joyce West writes a monthly column of news for the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors Association.

Some of you will know me as the one who calls and nags you about attending our monthly meetings. Others may have seen me at the Canada Day Celebrations telling about our arrival in Ashcroft in 1967 and why we stayed here.

Anyway, let me introduce myself – I am Joyce West, a member of the Ashcroft Cache Creek Seniors Association and I will be musing monthly on what we do at the Centre. We play Bridge, Carpet Bowling, card games and board games, and on Saturdays we put on Bingo for everyone, not just members to try their luck. We are hoping to encourage some of our menfolk (or ladies) to play snooker or billiards, probably on Thursdays.

If you have ideas about anything else we might do – such as computer skills or pub quizzes for example – please get in touch with Muriel Scallon, our president, at 250-453-9628; Donna Tetrault, Secretary, at 250-457-9963; or with me at 250 453-2663 or with any other member and let us know. Better still, if you are already a member, attend a business meeting on the third Thursday of the month – the next one will be on Oct. 16 and will begin with a potluck lunch at noon. Bring a small dish for sharing, and share your ideas with us, too. If you are not a member yet, you can join us for the rest of the calendar year for $5. Annual dues are due in January, and if you have attended five meetings before elections in the spring you will be eligible to be part of them. We look forward to your input and your company.

Before that, however, on Oct. 8 at noon, we will be holding an Appreciation Lunch. This is to recognize all our members, especially the over 80s. For them, lunch will be free, while others will be asked to pay a small charge. I would like to stress that all members are important to us, so please come to honour our “oldies”. Short speeches, photographs and fun will be the order of the day, so come and enjoy. We hope to see you all there.

Joyce West