From the Centre – Strawberries in season at the Senior’s Centre

The monthly report from the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors Association: annual Strawberry Tea this Saturday and AGM on May 26.

Did your Mother ever say to you,”Don’t wish your life away – you will be old soon enough!” – and now you know she was right!

Here we are more than halfway through April already, wondering where the time went. Other words, from Chaucer’s writings, promise that “April’s sweet rains will slake the droughts of March.” I would not say that the snowfalls and sleet storms we have had recently were exactly sweet! Now, according to the same author, we can look forward to “rough winds do shake the darling buds of May”!

We held our monthly business meeting on Apr. 16. It was attended by the usual stalwart group, and as well, by a few new and returned members.

Business was discussed as usual, and we were reminded of several dates for our calendars, the most immediate being the Strawberry Tea on Saturday, Apr. 25. Donations to the Bake Table and the Crafts Table (Kathy is doing a terrific job!) will be most gratefully received. A word of thanks to all those who have volunteered for jobs associated with the event – table workers, ticket sellers, servers, setting up workers, kitchen staff, dishwashers and donors of supplies! Many hands make light work. Thanks are due too, to the Manager and Staff of the Safety Mart who so graciously helped with the ticket sales by allowing us to use their premises to sell tickets. We are most grateful for what they do for us.

Other events of note: Kevin Scallon reports that over 50 competitors from our area will be attending the Seniors Games in North Vancouver later this year. These events are open to all who are 55+ and wish to compete. If you need information, contact Kevin Scallon or Isabel McGrath.

The Centre will be closed for the May carpet bowling event in Cache Creek.

The last day of Saturday Bingo until Fall will be on June 6, so let’s have a rousing turnout for it.

The most important date of all is May 26 when election of our officers will take place at the Centre.  Elections will be held for the top four officers – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Muriel and Donna have said they will carry on in their current positions so that leaves Treasurer and Vice President to be elected. Anyone interested should have attended at least five of the monthly meetings in the past year. Please come out and become involved in your club, and support those willing to take on positions.

Today we celebrate members Gail and Victor Koop.

Gail was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to a devout family and grew up on a small farm at Elm Creek.  She is the oldest of five children, gifted in music, athletics and leadership. I guess that having four younger siblings made her develop these skills! They grew up in an open and wholesome rural environment as did many of our members.

Fate took her to study Music at a college where there was a certain young man called Victor was studying for his Bachelor of Religious Education degree, and the rest is, as they say, history.

They married in 1978 and in the following years moved frequently across country to Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC and Ontario, pursuing their dedication to Church work. Finally in 2010 they came to Ashcroft, where they have many interests – gardening, quilting (Gail), tennis (Victor), the Seniors group and generally enjoying being part of the community. Their marriage has been blessed with four children and, for the present, one grandchild.

We enjoy their company at the Centre, their friendship and willingness to join in our pursuits and endeavours, and we are happy they have settled here.

Till my next bulletin – have a great Spring and enjoy the sun!

Joyce West