The Gold Wing Road Riders Association will be doing a Gold Run to Cache Creek the weekend of September 1.

The Gold Wing Road Riders Association will be doing a Gold Run to Cache Creek the weekend of September 1.

Gold Run riders returning to Cache Creek

A light show on September 3 will cap off a weekend of events.

Attention area motorcyclists, and those who love motorcycles, whether you ride or not! The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) Gold Run will be back in Cache Creek over the weekend of September 1, and in addition to a light show/ride on the evening of September 3, there will be a fun ride on September 2 that is open to local riders.

Virginia (“V”) Hildebrand is the chapter director for BC-D, one of six GWRRA chapters in the province, and says that the last time the Gold Run was in Cache Creek was in 2012. Between 50 and 60 members are expected to take part, and will start arriving on September 1.

“September 2 will be a day on their own,” says Hildebrand. “Last time several riders went to Historic Hat Creek. And there will be a barbecue for participants that evening.”

She also points out that the riders try to support local businesses during their Gold Runs.

“We’ll be purchasing all our barbecue supplies from Safety Mart; but they don’t know that yet,” she laughs.

The course of the fun ride on September 3 has yet to be determined, but Hildebrand says that local riders are welcome to attend. Registration will be open at the Cache Creek Visitor Centre from 9 a.m. to noon on September 3.

The GWRRA riders will be decorating their bikes with lights later that day, for the light show ride that will probably set out around 8:30 p.m. and wind through the residential area to the north of Cache Creek before finishing at what Hildebrand calls their favourite stop: the Cache Creek Dairy Queen.

She says that GWRRAis about “fun, safety, and knowledge. We have fun riding together, we hold safety seminars and advanced rider courses, and we share our knowledge with other members.” They also hold fundraisers, and donate the proceeds to different charities.

“The courses feature three hours of classroom time and then five hours riding on a secure parking lot, with riders doing nine different exercises. The ride course instructors are all volunteers who go off and take a five day course at their own expense that teaches them how to teach. They have to be pretty dedicated to do it.

“But the most important part is that we’re there for the fun.”