Grand Chief speaks on reconciliation

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip speaks on reconciliation at Stein Valley Nkaka'pamux School in Lytton on Feb. 29.

From Feb. 29 to March 1, Lytton First Nations and Chief Robert Joseph & Associates (CRJ) will host a third Bright New Day workshop at the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux School north of Lytton.

The public is invited to come and hear keynote speaker Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, speak on Reconciliation. His address takes place at the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux School (1675 St. George’s Rd.) on Feb. 29 at 6:15 pm. Following that will be Dr. Ronald E. Ignace with Stories Only the Land Can Tell.

What is reconciliation? Reconciliation means different things to different people but for us it’s definitely a verb. We see “reconciliation” as an action word that describes people employing measures to create equal life chances for all. Building from a foundation of reconciliation, more Canadians can get involved and, when they do, the positive examples already out there in education, health, employment and community building will multiply and become more successful.

Reducing disadvantage and improving the life chances of aboriginal Canadians requires people from all walks of life working together to collaborate and coordinate their efforts over the long term. To assist in this revival CRJ developed the Bright New Day process in 2009 and LFN and CRJ co-hosted inaugural Bright New Day Workshops in 2009 and 2010. Those workshops brought aboriginal and non-aboriginal people together to Tell All Our Stories, Imagine A Future Together and Take Action On Reconciliation.