Gun range gets Spring cleanup

The South Cariboo Sportsmen Association has been getting the gun range ready for this year's activities.

Jerry Fiddick and granddaughter

Jerry Fiddick and granddaughter

The South Cariboo Sportsmen Assoc. held a range cleanup on May 10, so seven club members spent most of the day working on the rifle range, replacing posts and some backboards, painting and doing a general clean-up of weeds and garbage. Also, at this time new signs were erected at both entrance gates showing what range facilities were available there as well as information for anyone wanting to take out a membership and join the club and use the range. Thanks to all those who were able to attend.

This was the first of several days that will be needed to get the range in top notch shape for the season. The next cleanup day will be June 21 starting at 9 am. We look forward to seeing all those who are able to attend come out and support the club.