Health Care Auxiliary supports local care

The Ashcroft & District Health Care Auxiliary raise money for local health care services.

At a recent meeting of the Ashcroft & District Health Care Auxiliary, members of the Auxiliary voted to donate $3,000 to the Wellness and Health Action Committee (WHAC) to help fund the bus service to and from Lillooet. This proposed bus will provide transport for patients visiting doctors there during the current shortage of doctors in Ashcroft.

During the past year we have also purchased overhead lifts for Jackson House. These lifts are beneficial to the lifting of patients who are no longer able to do so for themselves.

At the recent Okanagan Mainline Association Conference held in Merritt, it was pointed out that without donations from the member Auxiliaries, hospitals would be lacking the ability to perform without the equipment provided by these donations. But further to that, without our support patients would be lacking basic comforts such as patient room furniture, televisions, and phones to name a few.

We not only support our hospital but also support community health care projects such as Better At Home, Assisted Living Home, and many others. Donations have also been made to RIH, BC Children’s Hospital, Terry Fox Cancer Research as well as others.

All this could not be done without the generous support of our Thrift Shop, the hard work of our volunteers and the community at large.

In the last year it was reported that 18 Okanagan Mainline Auxiliaries with a total of 1234 members volunteered 319,934 hours and donated $1,858,693 to health care, and the Ashcroft Auxiliary with a membership of 45 served 13,430 hours and donated over $54,000 to our health care site and the community.

Our thanks to all of you who donate to our Thrift Shop and to our volunteers who work to make this possible.

Irene Trueman