AES Christmas activities

“I wish for everyone to have baby kittens.”

Santa Letters from students at Ashcroft Elementary School

Mr. Horsley’s

Kindergarten/Grade 1

Dear Santa,

What is the weather like up at the North Pole. We have already had some snow here in Ashcroft. May I please have some cartoon movies? Have a safe trip Santa!


Dear Santa,

Are you getting all the toys shiny? Please can I have a remote control airplane? I really hope you have a safe trip with the reindeer on Christmas Eve.

Love from,


Dear Santa,

How are the elves? How are the reindeer? I would like a new Barbie with a pretty dress. I could use some more shoes for my Barbies. I will leave you lots of carrots for the reindeer. Be careful so you don’t bump into trees!

Love from,


Dear Santa,

Please can I have an Indiana Jones set? That’s all I want. I hope you will be careful flying past all those airplanes up in the sky.


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I would like something, just anything that you think that I would like. Have a safe trip Santa!

Love from,


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How are the reindeer? Can you bring me a new Rudolf because I lost my other one. I would really like a Batman shirt.

Love from,


Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer doing? I really want two Pet shop things and I want a white kitty (just a toy one). Have a nice trip!

Love from,


Dear Santa,

Are the reindeer getting lots to eat? Please bring me a helicopter. I will leave apples for the reindeer.


Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer doing? And how is Mrs. Claus doing? Please give me a board game and a DS and a video game for it that has Sonic, Mario, and Wigee. Have a safe trip.



Dear Santa,

Are your reindeer sleeping and getting rested for their big night? I want a gun and a book for Christmas please. I will leave you a note that I can write myself. It will say, “HO, HO, HO!”

Love from,


Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! How are the reindeer Santa? Santa, how are you feeling? Santa, Santa, I will like a Pegasus Bey Blades and I would like a Transformer and a Bakugon. Santa, have a nice trip.

Love from,


Dear Santa,

How are you doing Santa? How are the reindeer doing? I will make a list: a light sabre and a green Bakugon and some DS games please and X Box games please and 360. Have a safe trip.

Love from,


Dear Santa,

How are the elves? How’s the reindeer going at the North Pole? And how are you Santa? I want a DS and an IPhone. And I want a Toy Maker that makes ice cream. Have a safe trip.

Love from,


Dear Santa,

Make sure that you pick up your milk and cookies and the reindeer get the carrots. I only have two carrots so I will put them out. I would like a real light saber please. And I want a Mama Mia Toy Maker. Have a safe trip Santa and how are the reindeer doing?


Dear Santa,

How are the little elves doing? Are they ready for Christmas Eve? I want a phone that has games on it please Santa. I would especially like a Scooby Doo game on that phone. I will give you cookies and milk for Christmas Eve.


Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer and are they healthy for the big night? I want a Hot Wheels Wall Track. I’m going to leave butter tarts for you.

Love from,


Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer doing? I already have sent my Santa list to you. Have a safe trip.


Dear Santa,

How are the presents coming along? At school, Elliot the Elf has been doing funny stuff with our toilets. May I please have a wind-up toy pig? I hope you have a nice trip on Christmas Eve.


Dear Santa,

How are you and how is Mrs. Claus? How are all the reindeer? I have been good. I would like a special dolly with wings. I will be asleep when you get to my house.

Love from,


Dear Santa,

How was your summer? Please bring me an Optimus Prime Transformer. Have a safe trip.


Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer doing up there? How are you doing up there with the toy shop? How are the elves doing up there with the toys? I would want a rocket ship that could transform into a transformer and Dear Santa, do you think that you could get me a dinosaur? And that’s all!

Love from,


Ms. Marlow’s

Grade 1/2 Class

Hello Santa,

I am wondering about how your workshop is. Is it busy? I like to swim. I would like all the kids in the world to have food to eat. Please bring me a violin for Christmas. Goodbye Santa. Thank you. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Love Alleigh

Dear Santa

How is Elliot? My name is Breanna and I like chocolate. I wish you will bring someone a Barbie doll that doesn’t have anything. Please may I have an IPod docking station for Christmas? Thank you!!


Dear Santa,

Elliot came to our class last night, and made a mess. Do you know why he came? Am I on the naughty list of the good list? Elliot came to my house and made a mess too and left notes everywhere. Me and my papa are going to the North Pole on his birthday. I am 6 and don’t leave all your things here this time please. Are you at the north pole right now? Can you pleae give the girls with nothing a doll, and the boys a transformer? For me can I please have a real friend, a transformer and a dirt bike please. Goodbye and thank you.


Good morning Santa

How does Rudoph fly? How do you go around the world in one night? I am 7 years old and I like Mario. I wish the world was made out of candy. Please bring me a Wii game for Christmas. Can I also have a Mario 64? Goodbye and thank you Santa.


Good morning Santa

Is Rudolph’s nose bright? I like to play hide and seek. I wish for everyone to have baby kittens. For Christmas can I please have a Lalaloopsy house?  Goodbye Santa see you in the morning.

Love Gabrielle

Hello Santa.

I have some questions about your rein deer. How can your reindeer fly? Why does Rudolph’s nose glow? Do you get presents every year? What I want for Christmas is a puppy. I want it more than anything in the world. Please bring toys to the kids in need.


P.S.  Mom says hi

Dear Santa,

I was good all year long. I did my chores. I help my dad. Santa, are you happy with all your elves? Are you still making toys? Are all of your reindeer happy? How is Mrs. Claus doing? Dear Santa, can you remember the letters I sent to you. Can you please get me the things I want from those letters. For Christmas I want you to get me a remote control car and I would like a really big monster truck. Please surprise me with what theme it is. Can you please get me a lego star wars set of darkvader and clone’s troops please? And could you get me the new ds3 for Christmas. I hope you can help other kids in the world that have nothing please can you get them toys.

Love from Calvin Little

I Hope you can get me all of this

Dear Santa

How is Rudolph doing? Why do your elves wear green and red hats? I am six and I really like to play lego! I wish for other kids to have a toy train.  I would like something made of lego like lego ninjago for Christmas.

Good bye love Colton

Dear Santa.

Is it cold at the North Pole? I’m seven years old and I really like to eat chocolate chip cookies. Please bring kids who have no toys some cars. Please bring me a Thomas the tank engine and Cranky the Crane.

Good bye Santa and Thank you.


Happy Christmas Santa Claus.

I have a question. How did Rudolph get his shiny nose. I’m 7 and I like, really like to eat carrots. I wish for other kids in the world to have a bed. I wish for a Lego Ninjago set. Goodbye and thankyou Santa.


Dear Santa

How are your reindeer doing? How are you doihng? I’m six years old and I am a girl. Is it cold or warm in the North Pole? For Christmas I would like a fidget friend. Please and thank you. What is your favourite food to eat? I would wish for people who have no house to have a house.


Dear Santa

How old is Rudolph? Is it hard to make presents all year? I like hockey and I’m six years old. I also like Hotwheel Colour shifters. I wish there would be peace and joy for the kids all around the world. I also wish for kids to have homes and food. Can you please end me Lego Star Wars? I hope they are big ships so I can have lots of fun with them. Can I please get regular lego and can I also get Airhogs like the helicopter one and can it shoot please?

Goodbye and thank you Santa

Love Kheller

Dear Santa

How is Ruldoph this year at the North Pole? On December one elf came into our classroom and yesterday morning it came into our class room but I didn’t get to see it. I am 6 years old and I really like to eat bananas and my name is Laura. I wish this year for a kid to have a doll that doesn’t have one. Please bring me a Barbie doll and a Barbie car.

Merry Christmas


Good morning!

Santa how is Elliot the elf? I like Star Wars. I am 6 years old. I wish for peace for other kids. Please bring me a light sabre. Good bye and thank you from Leith

Dear santa

How are the reindeers!! How do the reindeer fly!! I’m 6 and I like chocolate!! Santa I wish for the needy kids peace, food and water. Please bring me a baby carriage. Thank you Santa.

Love from Riley

Dear Santa

How is it going with thte toys? My name is Raevyn and I’m 6 years old. I wish everyone to have a good Christmas. Please bring me a baby kitten. Thank you Santa  Claus.


Dear Santa

What’s your favourite cookie? I’m 6 years old and I like to play hockey. I wish you could bring some kid in the world a toy stuffie that doesn’t have any toys. Could you bring me a stuffie giraffe please and thank you. Good bye santa.


Good morning Santa

How are the elves? I am 7 and I like to play with elves. My wish for the world is for everyone to have a house, money, food, and water. For myself I wish for the elves to come back.

Thank you love Serina

Hello Santa

How hard do the elves work. I am 6 and I like to eat apples. I wish for beds for the kids that don’t have beds. I wish for a camera please and thank you Santa.

Love Savannah

Dear Santa:

Hi Santa my name is Sierra. I’m six years old and I like to eat oranges. Santa please give toys to the kids in the world that have nothing to play with. For Christmas I’d like a Nintendo D.S. and a pink Baribie house.

Thank you.


Good morning Santa

How’s Rudolph? Hey Santa how old are you? How are your elves? Give the kids who don’t have toys. I want for Christmas Doctor dreadful Zombie land. Thank you Santa. I hope Elliot doesn’t make any more trouble. And give lots of toys to other kids.

Love from Zayden

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer doing? I’m six and I really like to play with my Dad.  I wish for someone else to have a clean bed. For me I want new a wii game.  I hope Elliot has a good Christmas!

Good bye and thank you from Noah

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