“Ashcroft Village Purchases New Machine” (Jan. 13, 1972). “It didn’t take long to remove 10–12 foot high snow piles with the new loader.” (Photo credit: Journal archives)

“Ashcroft Village Purchases New Machine” (Jan. 13, 1972). “It didn’t take long to remove 10–12 foot high snow piles with the new loader.” (Photo credit: Journal archives)

In 1897 and 1972, lack of housing in the area is highlighted

In 1922 the menace of ‘auto speeding’, particularly in icy weather, is a concern

125 YEARS AGO: JAN. 16, 1897

Houses Badly Needed: Several new houses will be erected shortly in Ashcroft. Before a building has the foundation laid it is rented, so much in need of houses are the people of Ashcroft.

Spences Bridge Visitor: Mr. A. Clemes was in town last Monday from Spences Bridge. Mrs. and Miss Clemes who have been visiting here returned home with him. A grand ball will be held at the Spences Bridge hotel on Tuesday evening January 19th, and a good time is promised all who attend.

Pioneer Dinner: On the night of the 11th of January, thirty-four Pioneers and guests sat down to a banquet at the Ashcroft Hotel. This was the regular annual meeting of the Yale Lillooet Pioneer Society. This society has been in existence now for the past nine years and no one is allowed membership unless he has been thirty years or more in the country. The president of the society, Hon. C.F. Cornwall, presided, and at the table were seen the faces of many of the most prominent business men of this section of British Columbia.

Toast To The Press: In giving the toast “The Press” at the meeting of the Pioneers, the toast master, Hon. C.F. Cornwall, took occasion to say some very friendly words in regard to the local paper published at Ashcroft, and his words were heartily endorsed by those seated at the table. It was a compliment thoroughly appreciated and we can only acknowledge the same by saying that the consistent aim of the Mining Journal will be to keep up with the section in reliable mining news and local notes. The Journal shall, so long as it is published by the present owner, be a paper that can be relied upon to give as near the facts as can be obtained in all matters.

100 YEARS AGO: JAN. 13, 1922

Speed Menace: Auto speeding is a dangerous pastime, and a menace to public safety, especially at this time when the roads are icy. It should be stopped before some serious accident happens.

Official Opening New Ashcroft School: An official opening of the new Ashcroft school will take place on Monday, January 16, at 10 o’clock. It is the desire of the school board that all the children and as many as possible of parents and others will attend. The opening will take place in front of the new building.

Hockey: Cee Pees Are Coming: On Saturday evening, starting at 8:15 p.m., the C.P.R. hockey team of Vancouver will tangle with the local puck-chasers. The C.P.R.’s have on their line-up some of the best amateur hockey players in Vancouver. Ashcroft hockey fans are lucky to be able to witness a team like this on their own home ice so let’s get a bumper crowd out and show them Ashcroft is a real hockey town; and, when they go back to Vancouver, they are bound to put in a good word for us.

75 YEARS AGO: JAN. 11, 1947

Board Of Trade: Among the various items discussed [at the recent meeting] was incorporation of Ashcroft and attractions for the town. It was felt that ways and means should be found to get more attractions in Ashcroft to draw tourists. With the completion of the streamlined highway back of Elephant Mountain the government has left the town more or less isolated. The tourist business is getting to be big business and if Ashcroft is to share in this, attractions must be found here to draw motorists in.

Tuberculosis: Half-a-century ago 200 out of every 100,000 Canadians died of Tuberculosis. Today the toll has been cut to 47.7 and there is hope for an even greater decline. Those charged with leading the fight against this killer of mankind credit their achievement to concerted effort and full appreciation of the menace facing them. They believe that we will see conquest of Tuberculosis in our generation. The work has been inspired by scientific inquiry which led to discovery that TB can be cured and even eliminated entirely as a threat to humanity. [Ed. note: The death rate from TB in Canada has remained stable for the past 20 years. In 2019, around 0.2 out of every 100,000 Canadians died from TB.]

50 YEARS AGO: JAN. 13, 1972

Village of Cache Creek: Mobile Home Parks: The Village is pleased to announce that two new mobile home park sites will be developed during the year. A 70-unit park will be constructed on the O’Rourke property at the south entrance to the village by Nick Sykes and Ken Lien of Surrey. Construction is to take place during the next two months. Another 15-unit mobile home park will be developed by Mrs. Helen Trendle on property adjacent to the Drive-in Theatre. The Village welcomes these new businesses to Cache Creek and wishes the operators every success in providing this service to this rapidly expanding community. Several other developments are about to take place during the year that will alleviate the dire housing shortage in the area.

Village Of Cache Creek: Paving: Council is currently directing attention to paving roads in Cache Creek and a study is being prepared by the Public Works Committee. Council hopes that ways and means of paving will be found to do considerable paving in 1972.

Ashcroft Apathetic: Where were you last Saturday afternoon? Do you ever ask your son or daughter what is going on at school these days? Are you at all interested? If you had come by the high school on Saturday you could have been part of the first ever community rivalry between Ashcroft and Logan Lake. The event was a Junior Boys basketball game between Ashcroft Secondary and the Logan Lake Travellers. Yes, Ashcroft won this first skirmish as regards the basketball score but lost shamefully in terms of vocal support for its team. No more than three adults were visible in their support for the Ashcroft boys. But more than four times that number made the better than 75-mile round-trip with the Logan Lake boys to cheer on their team. Win or lose, the residents of Ashcroft-Cache Creek could show their interest in the youth of the community. What must youth do to receive attention these days? Little is asked in terms of time. How much do you give?


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