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In 1972, Cache Creek looks at possibility of building a pool

Residents to be asked by ballot if they are in favour of the village financing a pool
The latest in modern technology from a century ago: a portable sound system, advertised in the Journal in 1922. The $62.50 purchase price, adjusted for inflation, is about $1,100 in today’s dollars. (Photo credit: Journal archives)

125 YEARS AGO: DEC. 4, 1897

Clinton Ball: The Clinton Annual Ball will be held at Clinton on Thursday and Friday evenings, January 6th and 7th. The annual ball held at Clinton is always of the best and is well attended.

The Bachelors’ Ball: The bachelors’ ball which was announced to take place Thursday evening, December 2nd, in the [Ashcroft] town hall, materialized up to expectations. The hall was neatly decorated, and when everything was in full order the place was set off most beautifully, it never before being so tastefully decorated or arranged since its construction. About nine o’clock the grand march was announced, in which fully fifty couples joined in the march, and from thence on to the supper time, the dance was kept going in full blast. About 12 o’clock the bachelors and guests with their partners repaired to the large dining room of the Ashcroft hotel, where a fine spread had been prepared for the dancers. After the dancers had done ample justice to the delicacies they returned to the hall and dancing was continued until about 3:30. This, the first dance given by the bachelors, was well attended and a grand success in every way, everybody attending fully enjoying themselves and all speaking in the highest terms of the entertainment. Quite a number of guests attended from the different places in the vicinity of Ashcroft.

Skating Rink: The [Ashcroft] skating rink has been in good condition for the past week and has been used nearly every afternoon and evening by the skaters. The ice promises to be good for all winter as it has a good bottom on the rink. A carnival is talked of by some of the boys and if it materializes there is no doubt but that it will be a success.

Cariboo Exchange: A.H. Walters is adding an addition to the dining room of the Cariboo Exchange hotel [later part of the Central Hotel, Ashcroft], giving considerable more room for his guests. The Cariboo Exchange restaurant is run in first class shape and always furnishes a good meal. “Andy” is well known all over the country as a genial host.

Troublesome Person: Martin Conroy was arrested [in Quesnelle] this week on a warrant issued by a man named Fraser from Kamloops charging Conroy with stealing $32. Conroy is a well known character around this part of the country, he having been several times behind the bars, and for some time last year worked in the Omenica country where he caused considerable trouble.

100 YEARS AGO: DEC. 2, 1922

Quesnel Notes: The local hospital is about the one and only place in the town where one will hear no complaints on account of lack of business. At the present time there are nine parties receiving treatment, a heavy task for the staff, and the hospital has been filled to capacity for weeks past. If a demonstration were desired of the need for a new hospital, the experiences of the past few weeks could surely furnish it. Despite the hard work, on which they are evidently thriving, the nurses send us word they are feeling “jake”.

Please Return: Will the person who borrowed the Ashcroft Journal wheelbarrow, or the barrow of the manager of the Journal, some months ago, kindly return same before we take legal proceedings.

Correction: The Ashcroft Journal was slightly astray last week when it reported that a gang of Merritt men was working on the Ashcroft bridge. The line-up seems to be as follows: two from Merritt; one who indignantly denies being a Merritt man; one from Walhachin; and one from Ashcroft. But it proves the sensitiveness of the Ashcroft people with respect to their local rights when such little matters will arouse their ire.

Provision For Women To Serve On Juries In B.C.: Another sample of legislation passed by the Oliver Government giving power to women is that providing that women may be members of a jury. Although certain members of the House thought it unwise to permit, or ask, women to serve in this way, it is the aim of the administration to treat men and women voters alike.

75 YEARS AGO: DEC. 4, 1947

Spences Bridge: The turkey shoot sponsored by the Spences Bridge Community Club last Sunday was well attended and several families solved their Xmas dinner problem.

Unexpected Visit: The broad meadows of the Pollard ranch [near Clinton] proved to be a good landing field last Saturday for a Kamloops air service plane. The plane took off from Kamloops with Jack Hodgson of Williams Lake but was unable to find the landing field at the Lake owing to fog. It turned back, searching for a place to set the plane down and found a safe haven at Pollard Ranch. Mr. Hodgson continued his journey to the Lake by car and the plane returned to Kamloops.

Growing Older: As science masters disease and the average life-span lengthens, the proportion of older people in Canada’s population is growing rapidly. Accordingly, governments and leaders in public thinking are calling for more of that “old-fashioned” respect and care for the elders which once marked people of breeding, so that the twilight of life may be brightened for all. Those youngsters who get steamed up over looking after a “bunch of old fogies” are reminded that they, too, may be old, some day.

Honest Citizens: A Wisconsin clerk, going to the bank, dropped a package of bills which were scattered by the wind. Citizens helped recover them. Final count: three dollars more than was lost.

50 YEARS AGO: NOV. 30, 1972

Cache Creek To Vote On Swim Pool: The following wording is to be used on the ballot to the questions: “Are you in favour of the Village of Cache Creek granting a local service club $6,000 per year over the next ten years for the purpose of providing an Olympic-sized swimming pool?” This project is in the exploration stages only as of this date. The total cost of the swimming pool is approximately $80,000 complete with the exception of the patio and fence which Council understands is to be donated by local service clubs. In preliminary discussions it was understood that financing to be obtained by a local service club could be obtained for $60,000 at annual payments of approximately $6,000 per year in grants from the Village for a period of ten years. This would leave a balance of some $20,000 to be obtained by some other means. Council noted that another pool is required in this area, that it would be a very worthwhile asset to both the School Board and the Village of Cache Creek. In addition it would complement the hotels and motels during tourist season. The question on the ballot is not to be considered as a go ahead to purchase a swimming pool. The Village must find out the feeling of the electors of Cache Creek before such a project could be considered. It must also be understood that the Village cannot undertake financing of a swimming pool as there are no provisions for a Village to finance a pool. All the Village can do is make a yearly grant to a service club and leave the actual finance arrangements to such an organization. [Adjusted for inflation, $80,000 in 1972 equates to approximately $550,000 today, while $6,000 in 1972 equates to approximately $41,000 today.]

Funeral Service Held For Lytton’s Late Mayor: Funeral services were held on Friday, Nov. 17 for Lytton’s late Mayor Miss Hazel Hill. The Village office flag was flown at half mast and stores were closed part of the afternoon in memorial. High school students and teachers were given time off to attend the service of their former teacher.

Will Lytton Have Another Lady Mayor? Cheers for Mrs. Lorraine Simpson and Mr. Victor Loring who have both been nominated for Mayor of Lytton and are allowing their names to stand. Mrs. Simpson has been on the office staff of St. Bartholomew’s for eight years and previously was Deputy Clerk at the Village Office, as well as serving as Alderman [councillor] for a number of years. Mr. Loring is a custodian at the Lytton Secondary School and served as Mayor due to the resignation of Mr. John Ashmore in 1970. He was defeated last year by the late Miss Hazel Hill in the 1971 Village election. This promises to be a very close race, so if you have a vote be sure and get out and vote.

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