In 1972, construction of a new Ashcroft high school is approved

‘Environment Week Clean-up By Ashcroft And Cache Creek Students’ (May 4, 1972): ‘Mrs. Poirier Grade 2 class were busy picking up at Cache Creek.’ (Photo credit: <em>Journal</em> archives)‘Environment Week Clean-up By Ashcroft And Cache Creek Students’ (May 4, 1972): ‘Mrs. Poirier Grade 2 class were busy picking up at Cache Creek.’ (Photo credit: Journal archives)
‘Environment Week Clean-up By Ashcroft And Cache Creek Students’ (May 4, 1972): ‘On Monday also Mrs. Hancock’s Grade 1 class was busy too.’ (Photo credit: <em>Journal</em> archives)‘Environment Week Clean-up By Ashcroft And Cache Creek Students’ (May 4, 1972): ‘On Monday also Mrs. Hancock’s Grade 1 class was busy too.’ (Photo credit: Journal archives)

125 YEARS AGO: MAY 8, 1897

Ashcroft Athletic Association: A general meeting of the above club was held in the courthouse Tuesday evening, with quite a number of members present. A letter was read from the captain of the Clinton team, asking that a return match be played within ten days, as several members of the team would be going away. All who can see their way clear to go to Clinton should by all means go up and encourage the boys. One thing is certain, whether the Ashcroft team wins or loses they and their friends will receive a cordial reception at the hands of the Clinton people.

Cariboo Mail: We are led to believe from what we have learned from outside sources that there will be little, if any, change in the Cariboo mail contractors for the next four years, but that the price will be somewhat reduced in all of the contracts for British Columbia, there is a reduction of nearly $50,000 annually. It now looks as though the B.X. would secure the mail contract for the Cariboo road: for Lillooet nothing is as yet known.

100 YEARS AGO: MAY 5, 1922

School Picnic For May 24th: At a meeting of the Ashcroft school board and the teachers held in the school house on Saturday, preliminary arrangements were made for the annual 24th of May school picnic to take place on that day. It is expected that the event will be held at Cache Creek on the usual grounds, and it will be a combination of the Ashcroft and Cache Creek schools, if plans can be carried out as arranged for at the meeting. In the meantime prepare for a good time.

Forestry Exhibition: The Canadian Forestry exhibition [rail] car was in Ashcroft on Thursday and gave a free exhibition of the government’s argument in favour of forest protection. This educating feature is being exceptionally well received wherever it is appearing.

McClure Goes To Insane Asylum: George McClure, the slayer of Jack Chartrand at Mammette Lake, has been declared “criminally insane” by two Vancouver alienists, and his trial did not take place in Kamloops as was expected. Through the effects of A.D. Macintyre his counsel he has perhaps escaped the gallows. He will be confined in the asylum for the insane in New Westminster.

75 YEARS AGO: MAY 8, 1947

Church Painting: Indians at the Bonaparte Reserve are repainting their church. Last painting was done in 1930 as per the year on the steeple. 1930 is thought by many to be the year the church was built, but that is a mistake. It was built during the 1890s.

Asks Action On Irrigation: Members of the Association of B.C. Irrigation Districts are now approaching government officials for action in developing new farm areas along the Thompson river and other points in the interior. The Thompson river valley, they report, contains about 6,000 acres of high class land, suitable for fruit and vegetables. Of this 1,725 acres could be watered by gravity at a cost of $115 per acre. Water for the other 4,275 acres would have to be pumped at a cost of about $100 per acre.

Big Storm: A typical drybelt dust, lightning and thunder storm hit the town and district Wednesday evening about 7 pm. Rain gave the dry earth a real good soaking which will make the gardens grow.

Birthday Party Held at Bridge Lake: An enjoyable birthday dinner party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hansen of Bridge Lake on the 29th April in honour of Mrs. Hansen’s seventy-first birthday. A snow storm no doubt reminded Mr. and Mrs. Hansen of the many mild and hard winters spent in the Bridge Lake country since their early arrival away back in 1910, after a forty day trip with the old covered wagon from Clarkston, Idaho. In the early pioneering days these good people shared the ups and downs with others, building new roads, schools, and making long trips for provisions. They were known as the god-parents of new settlers, giving accommodation of their home, and helping hands to neighbours to build their new homes. It is very interesting today to visit them in their new modern home, electric lights, kitchen sink and a pumping water system under way.

50 YEARS AGO: MAY 4, 1972

Large Crowd Attends Opening Of New Ashcroft And District General Hospital Saturday, April 29 Under Cool Skies: Ashcroft and District General Hospital was officially opened on Saturday afternoon. President of the hospital board, Mr. Ken Lawn, gave the opening address and welcomed those in attendance and spoke of the work that had gone into getting a new hospital during the last 10 years. He paid tribute to past presidents of the Board and the many persons who had worked so hard to make the hospital a reality. The Deputy Minister, Donald M. Cox, related his first visit to Lady Minto Hospital before the new wing was added and paid tribute to the high standards that are maintained under the conditions that prevail in Lady Minto. He was handed a pair of scissors which he used to cut the ribbon officially opening Ashcroft and District General Hospital. Hundreds of visitors toured the spacious corridors, rooms, offices and other areas. Coffee and doughnuts were served in the new cafeteria by the ladies of the Ashcroft and Clinton Ladies Auxiliaries to the hospital.

Tenders Being Called for 70-Mile And Ashcroft Schools: Approval has just been received from Victoria for School District No. 30 (South Cariboo), to call tenders on the new Ashcroft Secondary School and on the additions to the 70-Mile House Elementary School. Estimates allocated for the new Ashcroft Secondary School amounts to $1,360,000 to build a school containing 17 classrooms, library, multi-purpose area, gymnasium, and ancillary areas. This school will handle, without further additions, 450 pupils and should be ready for occupancy by September 1973. Estimates allocated for additions to the 70-Mile House Elementary School amount to $83,000, which is to add a library, gymnasium and ancillary areas. If the contractors lockout does not last too long, these additions should be ready for use this September.

Environment Day Monday: Monday, May 1 was cleanup day in North Ashcroft. The pupils of the Ashcroft Elementary School scoured streets, roadsides and fields with their garbage bags, collecting a “mountain” of litter. Regular classes were suspended during the afternoon so that the pupils could participate in the cleanup campaign to mark “Environment Day”, meant to draw to the attention of the school children of B.C. the increasing importance of the various environmental factors that affect the lives of all people. At Cache Creek the boys and girls certainly made a good job of cleaning up the streets and roads also. When they were finished there were piles and piles of bagged litter ready to be hauled away. Congratulations to all!

Lytton Students Hold Litter-Check Campaign: The anti-litter project got off to a great start throughout the Village and Indian reserve areas on Monday afternoon when all students at Kumsheen Secondary School went all out on their campaign, with different groups deciding on designated areas and making a clean sweep of papers, cans, bottles, and other debris which has been an eyesore for some time. Lytton Elementary School was also on the job and we should all be very proud and grateful for the wonderful work and energy which all students put forth. Their enthusiasm is to be greatly admired in their excellent performance. It would be difficult to estimate the tonnage or the amount of rubbish collected. It was indeed amazing.

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