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In 1973, council hears that Safety Mart store might be coming to Ashcroft

New store would incorporate space for two or three other businesses
Mrs. M. Cunningham of 100 Mile House and the Hon. E.C. Carson, Minister of Public Works, cut the ribbon at 100 Mile House after a section of the Cariboo Road from 100 Mile to 70 Mile was streamlined in 1948. (Photo credit: Journal archives)

125 YEARS AGO: NOV. 19, 1898

Physician Grants: We understand that all grants heretofore allowed to medical men at out of the way places, or at places too small to support a physician, will be no longer paid after Jan. 1, 1899. If this is done, two or three of our up country physicians, at least, can no longer be induced to remain where they now are, and where their services are sometimes in great demand but where the population will not guarantee a livelihood.

The Wagon Road North: The committee for formulating and circulating petitions regarding the extension of the wagon road from Quesnelle to Stuart’s Lake are hard at work, and will push the petitions as fast as possible before the House meets. It is something that interests every miner, merchant, freighter, stockman, and rancher in this section and in Cariboo and Lillooet. It means more work and more business for all.

Road Work: Street work will be finished the fore part of next week, and the residents of Ashcroft are very glad that the weather and the appropriation have allowed as much to be done as has been. It has improved the condition of the town very much… Sidewalks are now being extended, and will be built quite extensively yet this season.

Ashcroft: It is noticed with pleasure that some of the citizens who have heretofore used the streets for housing wagons are doing the best they can to keep them clear, and not endanger the necks of those who are out after sundown. It is appreciated by all.

Winter Is Coming: The colder weather of this morning makes people think that winter is approaching. It has been a beautiful autumn in this section of British Columbia.

100 YEARS AGO: NOV. 17, 1923

Dredge Mishap: Quite a thrill was provided by the breaking of a cable on the gold dredge in the Fraser, followed by a wild cruise of the vessel from Lytton to Kanaka, where she came to grief on the rocks. Fortunately the men on her made their escape uninjured. One of the men in charge, in attempting to recover control of the dredge in a row boat, broke an oar and also drifted down as helpless as the dredge.

Lytton Dance: Dancing was the order of the evening at the Winch Ranch, where the young people engaged in that enjoyable amusement till an early hour next morning.

Fine Weather (Ashcroft): The weather in Ashcroft has been exceptionally fine since the frost during the end of October. Potato shipping has been resumed while the climate is favourable.

Fine Weather (Lytton): Beautiful autumn weather still continues. Why not plant banana trees and make the banana belt more attractive to the California visitors?

Work On Tomb Of King Tutankhamen To Be Resumed Today: According to a member of Howard Carter’s expedition, work on Tutankhamen’s tomb will be resumed today. Mr. Carter returned to Luxor from Cairo this morning after protracted negotiations with the Egyptian Government concerning the press rights, and whether the public should be allowed to enter the tomb this year. Mr. Carter last year found these public visitors both embarrassing and the cause of delay, but the Egyptian Government has been anxious to placate visitors who come to Egypt in the hope of visiting the tomb, only to find they are forbidden to stray from the public roadway outside the tomb.

75 YEARS AGO: NOV. 18, 1948

Mrs. M. Cunningham Cuts Ribbon For Road Opening At 100-Mile: Another section of the streamlining of the Cariboo road was dedicated to public use last Friday at 3 p.m., when Mrs. M. Cunningham of 74-Mile House, assisted by Hon. E.C. Carson, Minister of Public Works, cut the ribbon to officially open that part lying between the 100 Mile and 70 Mile. There is now a total of 46 miles of 60-mile-an-hour highway completed and ready for hard surfacing, which makes the new Cariboo Road six miles shorter than the old road covering from the 57 to the 100 Mile. The guests proceeded over the new strip from the modern little settlement at the 100 Mile where the ribbon was cut to Clinton, to a grand banquet. Over 200 guests sat down to a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, where a fine neighbourly spirit and evident good humour reigned. Mrs. Cunningham was introduced, and described as being typical of the Cariboo, having experienced all the hardships and weathered them. An open dance in the Clinton Community Hall brought the day to a close.

Aircraft Assistance: Messrs Brian Chance, Manager of Douglas Lake Cattle Co., Jack Koster, B.C. Cattle Co., and Bill Stoddart, owner of the Gang Ranch, were in Ashcroft last Friday and were heard discussing how much aircraft had helped rounding up cattle. Mr. Stoddart was first to introduce aircraft in B.C. for that purpose, and uses this means of travel between his Gang Ranch and the Perry Ranch.

Locals: Harvey Bailey Company, Ashcroft’s oldest established General Store, has just been redecorated throughout. Pastel shades have been carried out in the colour scheme. Fluorescent lighting was installed some time ago and this, coupled with the redecorating, makes a bright and attractive store.

50 YEARS AGO: NOV. 15, 1973

Safety Mart Store For Ashcroft?: Roger Webber of Safety Mart Stores and A. Zinetti of River Vista Prop. Ltd. Kamloops presented a proposal for a Safety Mart store with two or three smaller stores incorporated in the complex to Ashcroft Council at their regular meeting Tuesday night. The store itself will cover 11,000 sq. ft. with approximately 1,000 sq. ft. each for the other shops. It is to be built on Lots 2–6 across from Wing Chong Tai down to MacLeod’s (formerly Kirkpatrick’s).

Library Commission Supports The Thompson-Nicola Library System: The Library Development Commission of British Columbia is pleased to announce publicly its support of a plan to establish a library system in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. Briefly, the approved plan of service for the system proposes to provide public library service to all residents of the municipalities and electoral areas within the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. As of a few days ago, municipal councils representing three-quarters of the population of the area have agreed to participate.

Red Cross Disaster Course At Cache Creek: On Nov. 8 Mr. Bill Mitchell, Regional Director for the Canadian Red Cross Society, gave a three-hour course in Cache Creek on the roles that the Red Cross will play in case of an emergency. In the past the Civil Defence have set this service up. Under a new agreement signed earlier this year, the solution to these problems now lies with the Red Cross. These services consist of clothing, feeding, lodgings, and an inquiry and registration centre for victims. Mrs. Barbara Shaw, who is the Administrator for the Red Cross Emergency and Welfare Centre, set up this meeting with the object of training interested people in the communities of Clinton, Ashcroft, and Cache Creek so that we can be ready for an emergency, whether it be peace time or war.

Walhachin: Walhachin was without water for four days last week. Apparently the line up the hill had not been covered, and the sudden arrival of winter caused eight lengths of pipe to freeze solid. Hopefully, now that warmer temperatures have returned, the line will be buried and we won’t have a repeat performance of that problem.

CBC-TV Special: The CBC TV special on Walhachin, seen last Sunday on Country Calendar, was right up to CBC’s usual high standards. I was most impressed with the background original music by Mike Halleran, and the wind sounds, which are so difficult to record. Mr. Halleran had told me he knew his treatment of the Walhachin story wouldn’t pleas everyone, but as entertainment for entertainment’s sake, slanted towards Remembrance Day and the First World War, the half-hour was thoroughly enjoyable.

Spences Bridge: The third annual Bazaar will be held on Saturday, Dec. 1 in the Spences Bridge Community Hall. Features will be home baking, knitting, crocheting, sewing, novelties, white elephant table, fishpond for the children, and a “playpen” for the men. Curious? Come and see for yourselves. Tea, coffee, and goodies will be available. The ladies are all very busy, so mark the date and come do some Xmas shopping and enjoy an evening out. Raffle will be drawn.