Income taxes and Spring Bazaars discussed

Monthly report from the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors Association.

Kitty Murray concentrates as she applies the whipped cream to the delicious strawberry shortcake at last year’s Spring Bazaar.

Kitty Murray concentrates as she applies the whipped cream to the delicious strawberry shortcake at last year’s Spring Bazaar.

Our speaker for the Feb. 16 meeting of the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors Association was Gordon Berdan. He spoke about Seniors’ Income Tax and told us that Seniors can have their income tax done by him and a unit of helpers. He also informed us of other deductions and ways to pay less on income. There is another form to get an allowance for people with handicaps. If you have to travel out of town for medial, there is al travel allowance per kilometre. Very informative and members asked and got answers to their questions. Thank you, Gordon.

Meeting was called to order by Pat Kirby. We had a lovely rendition of O Canada led by Joyce Freeman.

Elva sent her best to all and was unable to attend at this time. We send our love to you, Elva.

Secretary Donna Tetrault read the Minutes. All in favour.

One item brought up is that our alarm bell for the ramp is in place now, so anyone with problems can use the bell/ramp to get into the Centre.

Our donation to Variety was given and accepted by the Telethon.

John Holman is home from the hospital. Welcome back, John.

Our tickets for our Spring Bazaar are being made up, so all members are asked to help with the sales of those. We all work together to make a better group of seniors and our place to meet and talk, play games and have a refreshment, inthe afternoons.

All reports were read and all are in fine shape. Barb, we miss you on the days you aren’t in the Kitchen – your lovely laughter among other things.

Some opinions were expressed on our trips out of town to carpet bowl. All were happy with this and enjoyed all the friends we made along the way. Hope to have ours in September.

We still have plenty of crafts for sale. If you want something as a gift, come in and browse. We are open 1-4 most days.

Heather Bundas came from Kamloops and visited her friend Georgette Bewsa in the hospital. Nice visit! Eight cards were sent to ailing or memorial cards.

Our carpet bowlers sent a card to Nina Clearwaters on the passing of her husband Dale. Sorry to hear of this, Nina.

Our lease on our rooms has been renewed after some discussion on new conditions. Thanks, Michelle, for coming in and explaining the conditions.

Birthdays were read: Flo Berry, Ken Lakes, Ken Cassidy, Georgette Evans, Joyce Freeman, Joyce West, Isabel McGrath, Stan Saar and Bill Munro.

Cake and refreshments were served and enjoyed.

Muriel Scallon