Keeping wood stoves clean and efficient

The Nicola Valley Wood Stove Exchange program held an information session in Spences Bridge on Feb. 15.

The Nicola Valley Wood Stove Exchange (NVWSE) information session held in Spences Bridge on Wednesday, Feb. 15 drew a number of interested people. Those in attendance included Cook’s Ferry Chief David Walkem, TNRD Area I Director Steven Rice and Spence’s Bridge Fire Chief Arnie Oram.

Presented by program co-ordinator Tim Larsen at the Chief Whistmnitsa Centre, topics covered included particulate emissions, safety, good burning techniques, building permit issues and the environmental aspects of wood heat.

Discussion of chimneys and flues was of particular interest to Oram as chimney fires are a concern. He will be compiling a list of names of people interested in having their chimneys inspected and cleaned.

Getting a group of people together will help keep the cost down for bringing a Wood Energy Technicians of BC (WETBC) certified inspector to the area.

Following the session several people signed on to changeout their stoves. Interest in the program is high and several others indicated that they will be giving the program some serious thought.

The program will be running until March 31.

To date 19 of a possible 30 program vouchers have been issued.

The NVWSE is operated by a partnership formed by the Province of British Columbia Ministry of Environment, the BC Lung Association, the City of Merritt, Areas I, M & N of the TNRD, participating First Nations communities and participating retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

More information regarding the program is available at 250-378-8216, or .