Liberals announce Phase 2 of the Cariboo Connector

Nine projects announced, including improvements made to the intersection at the entry to the Bonaparte Reserve's new subdivision.

Work on the entrance off Hwy 97 to the new subdivision on the Bonaparte Reserve is the only Phase 2 project of the Cariboo Connector south of 70 Mile. Premier Christy Clark announced last week the Phase 2 projects on the Cariboo Connector will be underway by 2017.

Clark was in Prince George last week when she made the announcement to four-lane 30 more kilometres of Hwy 97 between Prince George and Cache Creek.

“Expanding our transportation network is key to sustaining economic growth and protecting and creating jobs across our province,” said Premier Clark. “This further investment in the Cariboo Connector will make sure our goods are getting to market faster while stimulating the local economy and providing local jobs.”

The provincial government is investing $200 million over the next five years for Phase 2 of the Cariboo Connector. It is a key part of the new Transportation Sectoral Strategy that commits $700 million over the next five years to increase capacity on key provincial highways and railways to support trade and economic growth.

At the completion of Phase 2, almost 50 per cent of the 440 km highway between Cache Creek and Prince George will be either three or four lanes wide, improving the safety and mobility of this important corridor.

“These improvements to the Cariboo Connector benefit not only residents, tourists and industry that use the highway, but they’re also a huge boon to the road building and heavy construction industry,” said Scott Jacob, chair of the B.C. Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association. “The good-paying jobs these and other highway improvement projects create help secure bright futures for many B.C. workers and their families.”

The Cariboo Connector program is a long-term strategy by the Province of B.C. to four-lane Hwy 97 between Cache Creek and Prince George. Phase 2 of the work consists of nine projects, and builds on the $240 million invested to widen the Cariboo Connector since 2005.

The nine new projects will all be underway by 2017. Construction will start this year on two projects: Four-laning the Old Cariboo Highway to Sintich Road south of Prince George, and four-laning north of Willow Road, near the community of 70 Mile House.

Other Phase 2 projects to be started by 2017 are:

Stone Creek to Williams Road: four-laning between the Stone Creek Bridge and Williams Road including replacement or realignment at the CN Rail Overhead, south of Prince George.

Quartz Road to Dragon Lake: four-laning between Quartz Road and Dragon Lake, south of Quesnel.

Carson to Fox Mountain Road: four-laning between Carson Drive and Fox Mountain Road in Williams Lake.

Williams Lake I.R. to Lexington: four-laning between the South Boundary of the Williams Lake Indian Reserve and Lexington Road.

Stormy Road: four-laning, tying together the previously-constructed Stormy Road North and Bullock Lake Road projects, south of 100 Mile House.

76 Mile South: four-laning, tying together the Stormy and 70 Mile North sections, south of 100 Mile House

Bonaparte Intersection: intersection improvements at Bonaparte intersection, north of Cache Creek.