Living Well – Do more living and less surviving

Vicky Trill's monthly column about fitness and motivation.

Do you feel like you are just surviving, or do you feel alive? I know that during difficult times in life sometimes it is just a matter of minute by minute survival and yet at other times, life is full, wonderful and you feel alive! It is said that when your mind and emotions are healthy, then your whole body is healthy. Life shouldn’t be about survival, it should be about living!

One way to claw yourself out of survival mode and into living mode is to purposefully connect with other people. There are a lot of ways to do this; you can join a club, go to Church, meet a friend at a coffee shop or find a buddy to exercise with. In our communities there are an amazing amount of opportunities where you can connect with others of like mind, many of which are inexpensive or even free. This past summer I thoroughly enjoyed a free community event put on by the Desert Hills Triathlon Club and sponsored in full by Interior Saving Credit Union. You were probably there too! It was the Moonlight Movie event! Not only did 400 people come out to enjoy a movie on the big screen under that stars, but they also enjoyed games for kids, a fabulous concession and a pre-movie live concert sponsored by WRAPS!

Much conversation about this highlight event of the summer has ensued and we say, “Let’s do this more often! It was so wonderful and great to see so many enjoying a good family fun evening together!” I agree, we should do this more often, but even though we may not be able to pull off such a grand event more than once a year, we can do something similar in our own circles.

Let’s live! This weekend, why not invite a few friends over, turn the lights down, blast your favourite music and dance, then follow that with some popcorn and a movie. I guarantee, if you do, you will be doing more than surviving, you’ll be LIVING!

Vicky Trill