Living Well – Everybody’s out walking

Vicky Trill's monthly column on doing what it takes to get into shape.

Boy! Have I had fun finding movers this past month! If you read my last Living Well article, you will know that over the month of April, I’ve been roving around looking for walkers, joggers, runners or otherwise anyone moving for health. Not only have I met some knew faces, but I have also seen a lot of movers both in Ashcroft and Cache Creek!

I wanted to promote movement outdoors. Then, thanks to Runner’s Sole, (Kamloops) I was given a box of nice shirts and from there, the idea for catching movers was born!

I have been looking here and there for anyone moving and when I spot one, I stop and say, “I caught you moving! Would you like a free shirt?” the usual response is “huh?” to which I ask if they read my last Living Well article and then I tell them what I’m doing. It made me chuckle when a few of you were skeptical and wondered where the “catch” was. (It seems some of you thought I’d make you join one of my Boot Camps! Haha!). I guess the only catch was that you had to be moving outdoors.

Now I know that there are lots of you moving about for health on a regular basis, but it seems to me that the foot traffic near my house has increased. Coincidence? (insert a wink and smile). I have also heard that I should have been roving around more in the evenings as I have missed some of you. For now, my shirts are gone, but stay posted for the next time the “Let’s Move” Encourager is roving through town!

Vicky Trill