Lytton RCMP files: Not-so-merry Christmas for one driver

Lytton RCMP files: Not-so-merry Christmas for one driver

A lump of coal for a driver caught going well above the speed limit on Christmas Day

By Sgt. Curtis Davis

Lytton RCMP responded to 48 calls for service from Dec. 21, 2018 to Jan. 10, 2019, including 19 traffic-related complaints.

I am happy to report that both Christmas and New Year’s were uneventful, with respect to enforcement. It would appear that everyone was in a jolly and festive mood. However, a few people had to keep us busy…

Speedy Gonzales

On Dec. 25, a 2015 Land Rover was stopped near Lytton doing 175 km/h! Although the investigation is ongoing, it would appear that the recently acquired vehicle was fraudulently obtained.

Two people from 70 Mile House were arrested and released. Stay tuned.

West side assault

On Dec. 28 we dealt with a report of an assault that occurred on the west side. Statements were obtained, and a 31-year-old Lytton man was arrested for assault.

Following a hearing with a Justice of the Peace, he was remanded into custody until Jan. 15.

Roadside fail

On Dec. 31 (the last file of the year), a 46-year-old Merritt man was stopped when he was observed to be driving erratically.

The officer suspected that the driver had been drinking and demanded breath samples while roadside. The driver failed.

He was given a 90-day suspension and his vehicle was impounded.

Stolen van in hit-and-run

On Jan. 7 we received a call from an 85-year-old man who had his van taken by an 18-year-old man. Both were from Kamloops and travelling together to Hope.

For an unknown reason, the 18-year-old seized on an opportunity to take the van and return to Kamloops, abandoning the older man for two days in Lytton.

The van was recovered the following day after it had been involved in a hit-and-run in Kamloops. Alert witnesses called police and provided excellent information on the driver and the direction he ran. The 18-year-old faces numerous charges and the van has been returned.

If you have information on any Lytton and area police files or crimes, call the Lytton RCMP detachment at (250) 455-2225, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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