Make a positive difference in 2011

From the monthly meeting of Ashcroft's United Church Women.

The first meeting of 2012 was held in the Church Hall the afternoon of Jan. 3 with nine ladies present. Unfortunately illness kept a few of the members at home.

President Lynn presided. She invited Reta to open the meeting with devotion.  Reta based it on Psalm 37:5 with a focus on the New Year. First, we want to make some contributions to our fellow-people. Let us resolve to be aware of others and their needs. Secondly, we long for peace and joy in our homes and in the world. Thirdly, we want to accomplish something for our Lord and church. And lastly, but by no means least, we want to care more for our loved ones. All wise bits of counsel. A prayer for the New Year closed the devotion.

The agenda was accepted and the Minutes of our last formal meeting for 2011 in November were approved. The UCW Church Family Christmas Party in December was well attended and very successful. Music, readings, stories, and worship after a bountiful potluck dinner rounded out the pleasant evening.

We evaluated the Inter-Church Bazaar held at St. Alban’s on Dec. 3 and agreed on some improvements/changes for another year.

Donations of clothing and toiletries collected during the Fall have been delivered to First United Church Mission in Vancouver. Our thanks to everyone who so generously donated to this project. We were amazed and very pleased with the community interest expressed. Watch for another blitz to be announced.

Reports were  heard from the Treasurer, Sunshine, Archives, Publicity (via a substitute) and Outreach ladies. Each gave a favourable update of their work.

After pausing for refreshments and a social time over tea/coffee and Christmas sweets, we moved into new business.

Committees were struck for the Friendship Tea, World Day of Prayer and Bean Supper. The date of each is: Friendship Tea Wed., Feb. 15 at 2 pm; World Day of Prayer Fri., Mar. 2 at St. Alban’s; and Bean Supper Mon., Mar. 12 starting at 5 pm with two sittings.

Over 1,000 Campbell product labels were received during 2011. We extend sincere and deep appreciation to those beyond our group who join us in collecting these labels for school supplies/equipment not readily provided.

To those who save stamps for Zion, we are forever grateful. Your interest helps to turn the stamps into money to purchase Bible for prisoners in BC through the Canadian Bible Society. Some of the recipients pen notes of thanks and many lives have been altered by this act.

At the end of each year the labels and stamps are sent off and we begin anew.  We began collecting used postage stamps from around the world in 1987, 25 years ago! Gathering Campbell labels started approximately 20 years back.

Our next meeting is set for Tuesday, Feb. 7 in Zion Church Hall at 2 pm. A warm and friendly welcome awaits any lady who would like to visit or join us.

Reta Robertson