New equipment for park

A local group wants to purchase more playground equipment for pool park in Ashcroft.

A group has been formed, and plans are underway, to fundraise for and purchase new playground equipment for the Ashcroft Pool Park. The current equipment at the park is not only dated, it is not suitable for children over the age of six years.

“Out of the mouths of babes” is an expression we often hear. A nine-year-old’s comment that “There is no play equipment here for kids our age to play on” did not fall on deaf ears, and prompted a group of adults to look into the matter. Currently, intermediate-aged children have taken to playing on bleachers in a lower field. The installation of new equipment will not only solve this problem, but will also add to the aesthetics and usability of the park, making it a more attractive destination for family use.

Village Council has given the idea their blessing, so the group will be applying for grants, approaching interested parties, and fundraising, and our hope is that the new equipment can be in place by next spring.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Walker at (250) 453-9402 or Deanna Horsting at (250) 453-9794.

Andrea Walker