Proud owners Meghan and Jason Porter in their new Lytton Klowa Art & Handcraft store.

Proud owners Meghan and Jason Porter in their new Lytton Klowa Art & Handcraft store.

New Lytton store features local talent

Meghan and Jason Porter have a new store in Lytton, offering locally made products and artwork.

by Bernie Fandrich

Lytton has a beautiful new store.

Once you enter, it’s so stunning it’s hard to believe that you are in Lytton. In fact, it would fit into the shopping district of any major city.

Klowa Art & Handcrafts focuses exclusively on the creations of local artists and artisans.

Three local visual artists and a photographer have their art displayed on the walls of a comfortable sitting area. Several of the artists have established fine reputations and their work hangs in homes and establishments throughout BC.

Klowa is the showpiece of Meghan and Jason Porter. Meghan started her Lytton Knittin’ business just over a year ago. She and Jason purchased the vacant store next door to her knitting business less than two months ago.

Since then, she has been busy upgrading her store so it does justice to the high quality of the work that she is showcasing.

Meghan has already established her reputation as a proficient and creative knitter. She sells her knitting across the country via her online presence.

Jason plans to join Meghan in the store in a few months and offer specialty coffees to patrons. As a dedicated mountain climber, Jason chose the name Klowa from a mountain peak just west of Lytton.

A wide range of local artisans display their creations as well. From beautiful pottery to carefully assembled cutting boards to First Nations jewellery to organic homegrown teas, nearly 30 different artisans are proud to have their work in the store.

Meghan’s knitting features prominently in the store as well. It’s also a one-stop centre for knitting supplies – handspun wool and other yarn, needles, patterns – everything for the passionate or beginning knitter.

More information is available at or 1-888-556-9144. Klowa (350 Main St.) is open daily Tuesday to Friday but call first for precise hours.