Program Co-ordinator for GeoTourism Marcie Down and Marketing Manager Terri Hadwin.

Program Co-ordinator for GeoTourism Marcie Down and Marketing Manager Terri Hadwin.

New staff revitalize Gold Country

Gold Country Communities Society add a new Marketing Manager as well as Program Director.

Gold Country Communities Society (GCCS) is pleased to welcome Terri Hadwin who has taken over the role of Marketing Manager as of Feb. 6. Terri was hired by the GCCS to promote the region and strengthen the economic market for Gold Country Communities.

Terri’s experience in administrative and business management will help the GCCS successfully implement its Visionary Plan for economic development and amplify tourism. Terri also brings a great deal of board and media experience to the position, she looks forward to the challenges ahead and helping the Gold Country area to thrive.

She reflected on her new position, stating, “We have an incredible history and I think our area has a great future. For my personal development, I am looking forward to meeting all of our members and committees. I am fueled by those I have met this far and how committed we all are to enhancing our area.”

She included, “Marie Down is also a newer team player, hired as Program Coordinator. Working together, I am confident we will soon be able to present an exciting new program that will facilitate progress within Gold Country.”

Gold Country Communities Society (GCCS) is also pleased to welcome Marcie Down as the newly appointed Program Coordinator of the GeoTourism Program. Marcie is originally from Ashcroft and had left the area to pursue her education in the Okanagan. She relocated back to Gold Country from Kelowna in June of 2011.

Her education includes two years of Fine Arts at OUC in Kelowna, and a certificate from OUC in office administration.

Marcie became very interested in GCCS while participating in the GeoTourism Program with her children.

“I was very impressed with how well the Field Guide was put together, and how informative it was. It is such a great family activity!”

She has been employed with GCCS since September, 2011 as an office clerk. Marcie is looking forward to working with marketing manager Terri Hadwin in further promoting Gold Country and working on the award winning GeoTourism Program.

Terri and Marcie would like nothing better than hearing all that you have to say. Please contact them to let them know what you have liked about GCCS in the past or what you feel could be better in the future.

If you need to learn more about GGCS, visit as well or call 250-457-6606.