Preparing your entries for the Fair

Start planning your photography entries right now and have a wide range of events and opportunities to take pictures of.

It’s never too early to start thinking about entries for the Fall Fair.

The Ashcroft & District Fall Fair is only five and a half months away. Keep that in mind when you are planning your bee-utiful vegetable and flower plantings.

If you’re handy with a camera, there are great photo opportunities at any time of the year that fit in nicely with the Photography categories. Consider a rain-drenched flower or leaf for the Plant or Agriculture categories. Or perhaps a snowy Sunrise or Landscape picture.

Oh, wait. We’re not expecting anymore snow between now and September!

This year’s theme is the bee, as in Bee Inspired! It wouldn’t be a bad idea to place bees in any of your Fair entries, but it’s easy to include them in photographs at this time of the year, as those busy little honeybees are out in force now in the fruit tree blossoms and anywhere else there are flowers.

Regardless of the category, whenever you’re taking pictures, look for good lighting and good contrast and try to find a unique angle to take it from – something to make it stand out from other pictures.

If you’re entering it in the general Colour or Black and White categories, look for scenes that are either very colourful, or very low colour but high contrast.

Use public gatherings and community events to get a good People picture.

And then don’t forget to enter your photos and  come to the Fall Fair – Sept. 13 from 10am-5pm at the Ashcroft arena.