Rebroadcast service continues

Funding will continue to provide the rebroadcasting service for radio and TV for the residents of Spences Bridge.

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District has received results from surveys sent out to residents in Spences Bridge concerning TV and Radio Rebroadcasting Service in that area, and the majority of respondents have voted to continue funding the service.

The rebroadcasting service, delivered by the Spences Bridge Community Club, enables local residents to watch TV or listen to CBC Radio without paying for satellite or Internet service. Prior to 1982, the community of Spences Bridge raised funds to provide the rebroadcast services. After that time, the TNRD collected taxes to provide funding for a service provider to provide the TV and radio rebroadcasting services.

The results of the survey found that 41 per cent of respondents were in favour of the TNRD continuing to collect taxes for rebroadcasting of TV and radio in the service area, while 24 per cent were in favour of radio rebroadcast only, and 35 per cent were outright against funding the rebroadcast service. The cost of the service is currently paid by all 181 properties in the service area.

Of the 181 residents in the service area, 51 responded to the survey.

Steven Rice, Electoral Area “I” Director, had high praise for the Spences Bridge Community Club volunteers who have helped keep the rebroadcast service going.

“The Spences Bridge Community Club has been a great partner in providing this service. In particular, I would like to single out Jim Ryan and Arnie Oram,” Rice said. “Jim helped secure the grant-in-aid, and Arnie was crucial in helping to reposition the rebroadcast tower.”

A recent review of the service indicates that residential properties in the service area pay an average of $29.87 per property, per year for the service.